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  1. Hi all,

    looking at different euph gig bags and am wondering what people have and think are good?
    I quite like the look of reunion blues (despite the hefty price tag!), has anyone had any experience of them?
    or is there a better alternative i'm unaware of? open to suggestions and thoughts!

    Much appreciated!
    Tom. :D
  2. jrshimmon

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    I would look at Ritter. I have a Double Trumpet and my wife has a Euph one. It was a good price (much cheaper than a reunion blues) and very tough and with a decent amount of padding. Also look quite good as long as you want black.
  3. euph77

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    Which British retailers stock Ritter gig bags? A quick search has only found a German store and (of course) eBay.
  4. cshimmon

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    I got my ritter euph gig bag from first brass on ebay- it is excellent. My husband also has ritter double and triple trumpet gig bags, we looked at different brands each time we needed one, but settled on the ritter each time!
  5. cshimmon

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    Ooops! didn't see my husband's post... must admit i wasn't expecting to see one from him- HE SHOULD BE WORKING! :)
  6. satchmo shaz

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    tuba gig bag

    tuba gig bag:FOR SALE £80 ono
    Tom and Will padded gig bag in burgundy.
    To fit tuba 15" x 35"
    20mm padding, soft lined interior. Comes complete with padded bell protector which can be removed. Rucksack style shoulder straps.
    Currently selling for £105 on Tom and Will site. Never used
  7. haha thanks for the replies! Ritter seems to be a popular theme, i'll be sure to look into it! any more ideas will be most welcome too!
    Tom :D