euph for midlands area

Discussion in 'Deputies Available' started by marksmith, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. marksmith

    marksmith Active Member

    Competent, experienced Solo Euph player available for Midland Area contest, if anyone is struggling for players.
    Will travel.
  2. David Mann

    David Mann Member

    Can't believe no-ones snapped you up, Mark.
  3. marksmith

    marksmith Active Member

    It's the mystery of the Century, Dave!
    I think that it is my initial reluctance to travel that has been the problem!
    Also, I am not yet ready to take a back seat, or to play Baritone on a regular basis, so possibly my own doing?
    Never mind, back to the re-organisation of my knitting patterns, in colour sequence!!!!:)
  4. HowarthBrass

    HowarthBrass Member

    Hope you find a band soon Mark.

    You did at great job at City of Coventry.

    Good Luck!!!
    Mark H.
  5. marksmith

    marksmith Active Member

    Much appreciated Mark.

    I think that I now may be sorted for the Area.
    Thanks for the interest from those individuals who replied.

  6. marksmith

    marksmith Active Member

    Really enjoyed deputising for the Solo Euph player at 'Hucknall and Linby Band' on Saturday. (I love that piece!)
    Still looking for a regular Solo seat.
    Prefer West Midlands area, though will travel within reason.

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