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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by dave the euph, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. dave the euph

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    after 15 months of retirement i need to start playing again i have played with the rothwell temperance band and up until i moved was the priciple euph player with frickley /south elmsall (2nd section ) i now live in burton upon trent and am looking for a friendly band if intrestred please feel free to pm me DAVE
  2. dave the euph

    dave the euph New Member

    am still looking would idealy like to find a band nearer home if anybody can help
  3. cherrybassett

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    Euph/Bari player

    We are currently looking for a euph or baritone player at the moment. Our solo baritone player has currently moved to play Solo Euph and our 2nd eup player is playing solo baritone and we borrowed a 2nd euph player for Butlins. If that hasnt confused you already. So we are looking for a player that either wants principle or 2nd euph or would prefer solo baritone.

    We are based in Nottinghamshire not far off the A38, small village called Blidworth, near Mansfield and we are a 1st section band. our MD is Kevin Steward and we are a very friendly sociable band. We rehearse on Mondays and Thursdays from 8pm till 10pm. If you are interested in coming over for a blow we will be there on Thursday. my mobile number is 07948394272.

    secretary Hopkins Blidworth Welfare Band
  4. dave the euph

    dave the euph New Member

    thanks for that but am looking for something closer cheers though
  5. Di B

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    There isnt much on your doorstep in burton. Try newhall or gresley and see if they have any vacancies. If derby is not too far out you could try rolls royce. Not sure if any have vacancies though. If you let me know what distance you want to travel I can let you know the bands near you.
  6. dave the euph

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  7. KenIrvin

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    Ashbourne Town Band ( ) is about 40 minutes travel or you could try Melbourne Brass or Uttoxeter Brass
  8. roz

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    Hello Dave

    My name is Rosamund and I am brass and percussion leader for the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service band - we are looking for a lpayer such as yourself and also have need of a dep for next weekend of the 27th June for a small march and hymns. If you are interested or think you may be able to help us out, or would even consider joining, please call me asap (or text as I may be at work) on 07725192170.

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    contact me on if you would be interested in joining a band in Tamworth (about 30 mins away)
  10. Stone Town

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    Hi Dave
    Did you get fixed up with a band, because if not then we have a vacancy for a 1st Baritone player at Stone Town Band ( if your interested? Dave