Euph available for Yorkshire/North East

Discussion in 'Deputies Available' started by [OCUK]Kitchster_uk, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. [OCUK]Kitchster_uk

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    Hi all,

    Anyone looking for a Euph for the regionals and within striking distance of Harrogate (though I hav family in North Yeesside and Tyneside) please drop me a line.

    Been playing 2nd for a 2nd section band.

  2. Martin Hall

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    I think a mate of mine has already been in touch with you, however i thought I'd make my own direct communication.

    We at South Milford Brass need a 2nd Euph for the area and beyond!

    Its a great band and we are in a position where we could get a very good result, we came 3rd last 2 years!

    Rehearsals are Monday and Friday evenings!

    I live in Wetherby so if you needed a lift, you can travel with me no problem, i also pick another couple of people up (i'll be buying a mini bus at this rate!).

    Please feel free to get in touch, you'd be made very welcome!


  3. [OCUK]Kitchster_uk

    [OCUK]Kitchster_uk New Member

    Hi Martin,

    I've had some pm's from your mate, will give the MD a ring tomorrow and have a chat.