Etude No 13

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    Many of you may have heard Alan Morrison play Etude No 13 on his Grimethorpe CD "Cornet Roundabout" from a few years ago now. Anyway, does anybody know if the band arrangement was ever published?
    I think Alan arranged it.
    Someone was going to ask Alan about it for me but I've not seen him for a while to check.... Anyone know??
  2. TheMusicMan

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    Contact him via PM on here... ankanala...
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    Hi Tim

    I have PM`d you the reply to this, but for the record this was not my arrangement.

    I recorded a 10 piece version by Alan Catherall that I had played regularly with with King Size Brass (or JPPB for those who remember). It was taken from the PJBE recording but the parts were never published and now are lost!!

    Sorry if this doesn`t help!


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    get Amazing Mr Arban

    Or get Elgar Howarth's Amazing Mr Arban -( Band or Piano) the Etude is part of that. worth getting it anyway it's a brill solo :)
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    Must admit it a great exercise to practise anyway :clap: