Errata for partita for band postcards from home

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  1. Neillyboy

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    Anyone got a past errata they would wish to share or have contact with someone who could get it? There are a few things flagging up that I wish to check.
  2. Neillyboy

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    Errata for Partita for Band- Potcards From Home

    Does anyone know of an Errata for this?? The score and parts seem to have mistakes everywhere in it.
  3. Mr_Chairman

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    Ditto - Chaucer's Tunes !!
  4. Andy Tasker

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    Ditto - Three Spanish Impressions
  5. dibbler

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    The following list of Errata has been issued, with apologies, by the composer of this work:​
    First movement ;​
    Page 1 – bars 1/2 and 5/6 – 2nd and 3rd cornets, Solo and 1st Horn – tied over bar-line
    bar 3 – Baritones – Cantabile (as Euph.)
    Page 2 – bars 12/13 – Solo and 1st Horn – tied over bar-line
    bars 13/14 – Solo and 1st Horn – phrased as 2nd /3[SUP]rd[/SUP] cornets
    bar 15 – Solo Horn – first 2 notes tied
    Page 3 – bar 21 – Baritones – forte
    Page 6 – bar 46 – Horns 1 and 2 – mezzo piano
    bars 50-51 – 2nd cornet – last note in bar 50, A, tied over bar-line
    3rd cornet – last note in bar 50, F, tied over bar-line
    Horns 1 and 2 – tied over bar-line
    Second Movement;
    Page 8 – bar 16 – Euph. and Basses – diminuendo
    Page 9 – bar 23 – Solo Cornet, lower part, first note G, not F#
    Page 10 – bar 33 – Btrb./Timpani – mezzo forte
    bars 34 and 38 – Soprano, Solo Cornet, Baritone 1 and Euph. – 1st note tenuto
    Page 12 – bar 56 – Trombone 2 – cresc. and dim, as Trombone 1. Bass trom. – mp, no cresc. & dim.
    Page 14 – bar 72 – Timpani – piano
    Page 15 – bar 90 – Soprano – straight mute in
    Page 16 – bar 99 – Sop./Rep/ 2nd and 3rd cornets – mutes out for start of third movement.
    All the single C glockenspiel strokes bars 4,6,8,10, 12, 67, 69, 71, 73, 75 and 77 should have a beam off them as in bar 2 of this movement.
    Third Movement;
    Page 18 – bar 13 – Soprano – mezzo forte
    bars 13/14 euph F Natural as S.C.
    bar 18 – Percussion 2 – quaver on beat 1 (castanets)
    bar 19 – Percussion 3 – triangle, mezzo forte
    Page 20 – bar 35 – Horns and Baritones – mezzo forte
    Page 21 – bar 46 – Percussion 2 – as bar 18 (castanets)
    Page 23 – bar 69 – Timpani – tacet
    Page 24 – bar 71 – Timpani – tacet
    Page 25 – bar 89 – Solo Cornets – tutti
    Page 27 – bar 109 – Basses – first note tacet
    Page 30 – bar 138 – 2nd Horn – rhythm same as Baritone 2 (dotted crotchet, three quavers)
    Page 31 – bar 148 – 1st Trombone – rhythm same as all horns, baritones and other trombones
    Page 32 – bar 158 – 1st Horn – last note A
    Page 33 – bar 165 – 2nd Horn – rhythm same as rest of horn section.

    Second Movement
    Page 12 bar 58 – all the horns’ last note should be F#
    Third Movement
    Page 23 bar 65 – Eb Bass, last beat, 1st quaver should be a B (not an A)
    bar 105 – Solo cornets & repiano should be piano (p)
    bar 110 – Bass Trombone – F not G!

    Alan Hope
    Kapitol Music Selection Panel
  6. cockaigne

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    Having taken a couple of rehearsals now on CT, and having spent a good deal of time studying the score both in detail and in overview, I've not found any errors in the score/parts which have been hard to resolve. I've seen at least one other post elsewhere on tMP talking of 'misprints' in the score, so am beginning to wonder if I've missed something.

    Interested to hear others' thoughts on this piece.
  7. bass2bone

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    Has this question been answered as I would like to know: Is there an errata update for Partita for Band (Philip Wilby)?

    ​If so where is it?
  8. Neillyboy

    Neillyboy Member

    I haven't seen an eratta yet.
  9. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    I don't remember one being issued the last time this was out. (But I could be wrong, memory being fragile!)
  10. Matthew

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    "Errata for Partita for Band- Potcards From Home"

    Mhmmmmm, smells grassy to me. ;)
  11. I have emailed the publisher who has kindly replied to say there is no errata. They say that they are not aware of any errors and that in the numbers of years and contests over which its been used they are sure any errors would have come to light.
  12. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    I'm glad they've written to you, Steve, I didn't even get so much as an acknowledgement to my query! So, nobody has ever reported the BBb bass error then? Or any of the strange mute marks (missing and there.) Hmmm...
  13. Lofty Snr

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    Do tell Mike, do your good egg bit and help a neighbour out.
    Lofty Snr.
  14. gluestick

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    Some of the mute markings are strange to say the least, also are the stacc dots correct in bar 36 (1st mvt) on the BBb Bass part?
  15. Neillyboy

    Neillyboy Member

    How can there be no errata for postcards from home, I have found a handful of mistakes. For example the second horn has a beat missing in a bar in the first movement, the score has bars that don't tie up with the parts, the percussion has instrument maks missing.

    Its a disgrace if they don't issue one.
  16. I Took a rehearsal on this last night and was astonshed at the lack of clarity with mute markings and also some dynamics that make no sense- crecendos missing from parts, Band FF while cornets drop down to mp with moving notes and crec ... non specific crec and dim markings

    I know this has been chosen for 3rd section but really should have been left to being performed by school bands, as it was comissioned for, because it is not fit for use in a contest situation.

    I am outraged there is no errata or anything to clarify the sketchy performance directions... Do we play exactly as written and get slated or play what would make sense musically and get slated because it hasn't been written!!!?
  17. reallybrassedoff

    reallybrassedoff New Member

    We have found a number of inaccuracies on the score, some very strange!
    It may be worth making our own errata from the various mistakes we have found ourselves.
    I believe we may have a newer score (purchased recently in Nov 2013) than some members on here as a couple of errors reported are not evident on our score!
    We are a band down South and would be happy to share the errors we have found so far.
    I look forward to your response.
  18. jockinafrock

    jockinafrock Active Member

    Since we're no further forward in getting an errata, it would be great if anyone who notices mistakes posts them on here, and/or the fb Musical Directors page, so we can actually do something about the errors!
  19. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    Hi All,

    I have been having a discussion with Matt, our MD and he is going to compile a list of everything he sees as an error in our score. I will post that list on here later today. I would ask that other people out there treat this as a discussion document so that, if your copy has different mistooks we can look at those as well. As a band, we have decided that, as the adjudicator will only have his copy of the score to go off and as we have had no help at all from the publisher, we will stick to what is in the score. Hopefully, we can discuss anything that is ambivalent in the score sensibly on here and the usual trolls will be dealt with severely. We're trying to help each other here.

    it will be made a bit more difficult as there is more than one version of this score out there. People who have newer versions of the score (bought this year, perhaps) might be able to clear up some of the issues we face. I think bands should complain en masse to the selection committee about this lack of cooperation from the publisher and their insistence that there are no errors. There ARE errors, some of them glaring, and some very ambiguous typesetting.

    I just need to add a caveat here that anything that you find in this list is entirely unofficial. Neither Matt nor I can be held responsible for anyone losing (or winning) a contest based on any consensus that arises from this discussion! (OK, EagleyLegal Department, calm down!)

    See you at Preston!
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  20. mikelyons

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    Sorry for the wait, all. Sometimes "Our Illustrious Leader" gets distracted. You just can't get the staff these days! :D

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