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    After making all 4th section bands buy new sets of an already printed piece of music, plus not really changing much. Even the new copies have things wrong with them, then for the music panel to email you 2 weeks before the contest with yet more mistakes!! I know some of these were very obvious and didn't need pointing out but thats not the point surely.

    I think this is disgusting really. Why it had to be reproduced in the first place I have no idea? Even with Kirklees music offering the deal they did on buying the new piece, how do the printers and music panels get away insisting bands buy new sets?

    Might be speaking out of turn but seems a bit of a money making exercise to me :confused:

    Anyone else find this a bit annoying?
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    Twas the same with last years finals piece.......2 pages of errata 3 weeks before. On that note, we havent received one yet, has one been sent out? :-?
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    A shocking accusation! They do it for the love of banding not to screw hard-up bands out of hard-earned cash!:biggrin:

    This is the standard I have come to expect from experience of this company I'm afraid. Sadly, as long as they have pieces chosen for contests, we (the bands) are forced to pay out for second rate workmanship.

    I'm sure there must be some scope for complaint and remuneration under the many trading laws that we have in the UK? Anyone with a bit more knowledge than me care to pitch in on this?
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    They may have issued an errata but it still hasn't mentioned the mistake on the flugel part.
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    Or on 2nd Euph for that matter
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    or the E natural in the solo cornet semis!! and numerous others !!
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    makes me laugh all these mistakes from a revised piece of music.

    Just a link to another thread on here.......... not picking on any individual arrangers, publishers or composers but come on it is no wonder some bands share or even photocopy music if this is the deal they are getting.

    Music isn't cheap when you are trying to give your band experience in different styles of music. Bands can go through lots of music in a year, and for the music you buy to be ridden with mistakes is not a good advert for the purchase of any new music.

    Sort it out...your not helping yourselves :confused:
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    Try contacting your regional secretary then, or you could look on the Yorkshire website !!!!

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    Hi John, hope you are well.

    Pm me your e mail address and I'll send it you. There isn't much to be honest, and like me, you've probably already figured them out.
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    what are the ones in the flugal and 2nd euph parts and ' the numerous others' please !

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    While we keep 'sharing' music by photocopying this is as good a deal as we're going to get. Put yourselves in the shoes of the publisher: is it really worth them spending a lot of time and money checking the parts for errors if they know that every set sold legitimately for a financial return will spawn any number of knock-off copies that give them nothing?
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    Here you go....

    Section Four - Errata
    This has been received from the Kirklees Music, via the Music Panel. Please note this
    information as this will be forwarded to the adjudicator.
    The Tempo marking for the Dance is correct at crotchet=c.96
    (The instruction: "Allegro Giocoso e Vivace" is a style marking as in the original manuscript
    2nd Cornet:"Dance" Bar 5 notes should be on 1st & 2nd beats (as cts/fl)
    Solo Cornet (2):5 bars before L: should be Dflat semi-quavers
    Solo Cornet (1):6th bar of P: 7th semi-quaver should be Anatural
    Percussion 1:Bar before Q should be played on triangle
    Solo Cornet (2):7th bar of Q should be Cnatural not Csharp on 3'd semi-quaver
    Percussion 1:Final chord should be a timpani roll

    Many thanks

    Peter Bates
    Regional Secretary.
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    The c. stands for circa which means around (or approximately)

    So c.96 means it should be about 96 beats a min, give or take! :)
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    The Areas CD recording takes it at ..about.....116 !!
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    equating to plus 10% there then
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    Which is correct either way. I have been taught that 10% is correct. I suggest MD's have the courage of their convictions and choose thereabouts what suits their band. I could be made to eat my words mind you! LOL! :oops:

    All the cliches will come out after the event. "bands shouldn't play faster than they can manage" etc etc etc. Its a great argument for the discretion of any adjudicator to say what he prefers, i.e strict tempo readings or license!

    IMO Let bands have variation. Artistic license is being lost nowadays, which makes for robotic musicians (not suggesting thats what we have!). Can you imagine listening to 23 identical performances?

    Sincere Good luck to all, especially in the NW. This could prove to be one of the most memorable battles with some quality bands in the field, including some bands in the mix that have proved themselves for the first time already this year. This is why we do it!

    See you there!