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    How much would it cost to get someone of his profile to write something for band? I just think he is brilliant. Modern BUT good to listen to which can't always be said of much of our more recent music.

    Just found this, I really like it, I thought he was only a choral writer so this came as a big suprise. I think it dofs it's cap Honegger's "Pacific 321" in places but not a rip-off. Its really good IMO (as a layman in these sort of things)

    Don't know how to inbed the link sorry
  2. I agree Toby. Sandy did an arrangement of "Sleep" which I did at Hepworth. It was brilliant. It inspired me to seek out some more of his music. It might be worth approaching him. What about the next Greater Manchester Hub Brass Band?
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    Good idea Gren. I'll speak to Dave and Richard about it. We did manage to dust off another modern gem though "Galaxies" by Carl Davis. So good its probably had about three outings in the last 10 years!!!

    I belive Pete is comming to play in June......Great, I havnt heard him live since he was about 8 in N.I. playing Mack the knife on Baritone, just before he sat next to me to see all relevant bad habits in brass playing live in action, very important for his education I think!!! lol!!
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    Defintely not just choral; he's written several pieces for wind band (the first, Ghost Train, is nearly 20 years old!) and there's several BB arrangements of his music out there now.

    As for writing an orignal piece for Brass Band, why not just ask him..... he's very active on Facebook
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    As well as Sleep there is also Lux Arumque and Seal Lullaby (shameless plug for our band video of this)
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    He's not able to take on any work for 2+ years currently, already tried! (Maybe it was the tenor horn solo bit that put him off!) He didn't put off the possibility though, would be a great coo for the movement!
  9. Thankfully he stuck to trombone. When he was really young he fancied tuba. Thanks for putting him off that one.... :p