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Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by brassneck, Oct 23, 2005.

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    I'd definitely endorse that recommendation: contrasting repertoire, including some unaccompanied, some with band and some with tuba quartet, with some very interesting jazzy numbers. I am particularly enjoying Frode Thingnaes' "Concertino for tuba" but it is all brilliantly played and well worth splashing out on.
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    This album just gets better each time I listen to it. This guy makes things sound so easy. The variation of timbre and technique throughout the entire range (both extremes) is outstanding! Jens Bjørn-Larsen and Øystein Baadsvik have a worthy peer in their neigbourhood. A modern day Michael Lind? (... and is this CD only available via WorldofBrass?).
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    I'd also strongly recommend Tuba Tribute to Fletch featuring a small galaxy (if such a thing is possible) of tuba stars. The entire album is full of quirky pieces of the type which John Fletcher himself, I'm sure, would have loved and played, including his own tuba quartet arrangements of Sugar Plum Fairy and The Can-Can, variations on Nellie the Elephant, an eccentric (what else?) arrangement for electric tubas by Oren Marshall of Caravan, the brilliantly titled Mine's a Large One, and best of all, David Powell reciting his own poem I've Fallen in Love with My Tuba and playing all the accompanying parts. And the profits go to the John Fletcher Trust. Buy both albums!
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    I haven't noticed it available anywhere else yet.
    One of the things I love about my job is coming across artists like Eirik (the Viking) Gjerdevik and bringing them to a wider public by making their CDs available through World of Brass.

    Look out soon for an incredible album from Jon Sass, tuba like you've never heard before!
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    ... if it's 'Sassified', I have it! ;)
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    Sounds like you need to be our 'buyer'!
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    - you should try his 'Heavy Tuba' albums as well (... including a very interesting interpretation of 'Pictures At An Exhibition')
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    Yes, actually.
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    Ah, my apologies. Always read the entire thread. It's the Erik the Viking CD which is only available from WoB. It's my own fault for introducing the subject of the Fletcher CD. Sorry about that. Sackcloth and ashes and all that.........
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    - but I hope you have bought Fletcher's 'Le Tuba Enchantee' CD ... a must have! ;)
  16. James Yelland

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    If only. I had never heard of this recording before ( I missed the original Tuba Tribute thread because I was on holiday). I looked at the King Record website, but of course, the CD has long been deleted from their catalogue.
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    :cool: :tup

    (you'll find it after "Cheryl Bentyne - Talk Of The Town (Japan Import)")

    1. Ouverture Miniature from 'Nutcracker Suite' (Tchaikovsky) - tuba quartet
    2. Chanson de Matin (Elgar)
    3. O Du Mein Abendstern from 'Tannhauser' (Wagner)
    4. Song Of The Flea (Mussorgsky)
    5. Non Piu Andrai from 'Le Nozze Di Figaro' (Mozart)
    6.>9. Suite for Unaccompanied Tuba (Hartley)
    10.>12. Sonata fur Basstuba und Klavier (Hindemith)
    13.>16. Sonatine fur Basstuba und Klavier (Jennifer Glass)

  18. James Yelland

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    You're a star, sir! Although amusingly I notice that his name is given as John Fretcher. But, as we all know, those orientals can't pronounce the letter L. Not that I'm stereotyping people, of course.......

    In a Chinese restaurant:

    Customer: Waiter, this chicken is rubbery!

    Waiter: Ah, grad you enjoy it sir!

    It works better when spoken of course....
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    Ordered my copy straight away, many thanks for the information.
  20. brassneck

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    (sssssh! ... don't tell Peter Bale that I received delivery of PJBE's hard-to-find 'Finale' CD today ... I only paid £4.20 incl. P&P winning it on eBay ... where was he? ... Fletch is amazing on this album :) ).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    It's alright - one copy's enough for me ;)
  22. brassneck

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    - I thought there was a reason! ;) Did you enjoy Sun Life's 'Recorded Delivery' CD you beat me to on eBay? (... I only have that on cassette!)

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