Eric Ball's Star Lake

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    Does anyone know the date that Star Lake was written? Any information regarding this piece would be useful,


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    Well Ive been playing it since the 70's when it came out in a blue supplement book I think.
    Have you emailed the music department at Salvation Army Headquarters?
    I think the website is

    Hope this helps a bit anyway

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    Great idea, thanks

    My husband has just found out he has to prepare programme notes for a contest on Sunday!

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    I believe it was written over 70 years ago when the composer was a special guest of the Star Lake camp in America. Will have a think though!
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    Yes, you are right, that's all the info I have at the moment!

    Thanks again

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    As it's now the weekend, it's umlikely that any email sent to these addresses will be picked up until monday morning.
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    Trumpet Major Member got it but wont they be useful on monday !
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    It was written in 1937 and first performed at Star Lake Music Camp, Bloomingdale, New Jersey. It was Eric Ball's first visit to the Camp. He also wrote Star Lake II presumably for his second visit!
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    Eric Ball

    Brilliant, that's a great help, many thanks:D

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    I heard that the ISB featured Star Lake in a tour of Canada (1962?) and Bernard Adams apparently used two six guns at the percussion "shots" before the final section.

    Following are extracts from notes by Dr. Ron Holz from the New York Staff Band CD "Star Lake Premiers"; the complete notes are copywrite but include notes from the published score.

    Written during the 1937 camp; the first of four visits to Star Lake by Eric Ball. The march was written; the parts copied; the music rehearsed and given a public performance all within a few hours.

    The march as we know it is little different from the original, with a few changes in rhythm and a rewrite of the trio section (D) which was too difficult that, to quote Eric Ball "even the very efficient soloists of the Camp Band could not make it sound like music!"
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    Thanks for all your help. Just thought I would let you know my Husband's band (Blaenavon) came second and also won the soloist prize and most entertaining programme in the GBBA entertainment contest yesterday.

    Congrats to them all :clap:
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    Star Lake

    I was an instructor at Star Lake Music Camp in 1995 & 1996. I remember 11 of the students waking me up at 5 o'clock one morning playing the March 'Star Lake' outside of my room. They obviously thought I would derive some benefit from an early morning rendition. As you can imagine the Bass Drum solo was played very quietly. LOL:cool: