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    I am writing about the influence Eric Ball has had on the brass band movement as a whole for my Degree and am really stuggling finding informaiton on the internet about the composer.
    I can find plenty about his background etc... but i need some information on his compositional style etc...

    Anyone with any information, or knows of any good sites would be eternally greatull
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    There is a book on Eric Ball published by Egon. Might be available from your library (ISBN0905858565). Amazon have it otherwise.
    Amazing and gentle man - he conducted our school band (Oakmead) at a special concert of his music about 1973. Didn't really appreciate at that time what he was telling us. He also came out to Verwood about 1979 to give us some advice - he was brought out by our President the late Edwin Vaughan Morris, another interesting man.
    Good luck with your research - expect you will get a few replies.
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    Ask Roy Newsome
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    I'd suggest that for one thing you get hold of the Eric Ball memorial concert DVD! A lesson in itself!
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    Should you not be studying his music for yourself if you're working on a degree? I know that Dennis Taylor, whose professional card probably still appears in the BB and BBW, wrote a thesis (for his masters degree I think) on Eric Ball and his music and was hoping to have it published. You might want to contact him.
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    Get the Black Dyke CD Festival Music .
    The Booklet you will find useful
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    I'd recommend this, it's pretty good.

    As far as compositional style is concerned, why don't you get a few scores and do your own analysis of them? I'm sure Poynton would have (for example) Resurgam, Journey into Freedom and High Peak. You could do a straightforward analysis of harmonic structure, form and scoring style. It would be useful to compare his style and harmonic language with composers in the 1st Viennese School, plus Brahms and Elgar. I'd also compare him with composers of symphonic poems like Dvorak (try The Noon-Day Witch) or Liszt.

    Personally I'd be careful about trying to prove that Ball had a big influence on the compositional style of the major later band composers - Vinter, Gregson, Sparke, Graham, Wilby and the like. My personal feeling (so don't quote me!) is that while they may derive much inspiration from the man himself, they derived their compositional inspiration from sources outside the band movement - maybe you could send Mr Sparke (tMPs "Anglo Music Press") a PM and ask him what he feels Eric Ball's influence on band music is? his compositional style has died out somewhat in mainstream brass music. Eric Ball was the final chapter in the musical story that began with orchestral transcriptions of Beethoven and Wagner, passed through Labour and Love and Life Divine, brought us works by Elgar, Holst and Bliss and finished with Kensington Concerto in 1972.
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    I want other peoples viewpoints and need to reference other sources of information about him
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    Ahh, this was a couple of years ago? Hathern Band played pieces and excerpts from pieces of Eric Balls for a presentation by Dennis Taylor. He'd certainly be worth contacting.
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    I agree. And all the people who speak on the CD are probably approachable for such a project.