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    As many, if not all, of you will know by now that 2003 is the centenary of the birth of Eric Ball.
    The International Staff Band of The Salvation Army acknowledge this landmark with the release of a CD called Eric Ball - Resurgam.

    The release of this disc is timed to coincide with the Eric Ball Centenary Concert being given by the ISB and Black Dyke Band on Saturday 11th October at the Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham.

    The CD can be pre-ordered from the World of Brass website by clicking on this link which also gives track details;
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    Whilst I can understand the desire to produce a special recording to mark the Centenary, I think it is a pity that the opportunity has not been taken to present at least a couple of Eric's less familiar pieces, particularly of a devotional nature, especially when a number of the tracks have been recorded by the ISB in recent years:

    Clear Skies: 1991 & 1996(original version)
    Exodus: 1991 & 2001
    Kingdom Triumphant: 2003
    Resurgam: 1996
    Song of Courage: 2000
    Song of Faith: On Derick Kane's solo cd Lyric variations

    Does the new disc contain new versons, or are they the same recordings repackaged?
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    Peter, the ISB recorded Star Lake especially for this CD. This was recorded in the same session as the CD The Kingdom Triumphant earlier this year. The other tracks have all been recorded previously by the ISB under the direction of Stephen Cobb.

    I agree that it is a pity that some other titles have not been recorded. However, the ISB schedule is such that it is very difficult to set aside more than one recording session per year particularly when the availability of the current recording venue (Henry Wood Hall) and recording company is also factored in.
    We feel sure that this new title will be a popular addition to peoples' CD collections.
    Not everyone has every ISB CD!
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    That's fair comment. I trust, however, that it is made clear in the packaging that it includes previously issued material, so that people are not misled. The recording industry in general is very good at repackaging old material, and pushing it out again at full price, which seems to be taking advantage of the music-loving public.

    For example, my wife (being Welsh) is a great fan of Bryn Terfel, and when I saw a "new" recording last Christmas, I was all set to buy it until I spotted some very small print, stating that it was a compilation of tracks from the two recordings I had already bought her :shock:
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    I have the proofs in my hand!
    On the track listing on the rear of the CD case, under each title, it states which recording each track has been taken from.
    In addition, there are excellent sleeve notes written by Peter Wilson.
    The cost of this release is £11.95 which is £1 less than the usual price of an ISB CD.
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    I'm quite surprised that no-one has ever recorded Call of the Sea by Eric Ball. All of his other pieces have, but not that one. Why!? It's really nice in my opinion!
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    I'm sure there would be a market for a CD made up of Eric Ball tracks requested by the CD buying public ie you and me which aren't featured anywhere else.

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