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    Seven years after they first came together on stage for the Epic Bras concert in London’s Royal Albert Hall, Black Dyke Band and The International Staff Band are to once again join forces on 17 May next year for a replay of their enthralling Epic Brass concert.

    This time the concert, which is being presented by World of Brass, will take place in the north of England, at The Sage Gateshead. The event is being conceived to further develop the artistic possibilities and empathy already cultivated by the two bands in Epic Brass I and in the Eric Ball Centenary Concert at the Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham, in 2003.

    Each band will deliver a 25-minute programme before, as has become a feature of their glittering concerts, joining in the second half for a 45-minute programme.

    The concert will enjoy multi-media support and in the second half will mark the 50th birthday of eminent brass band composer, Professor Peter Graham.

    Tickets for Epic Brass II, priced at £20, £17 and £15, will go on sale on 17th November from the box office at The Sage Gateshead (tel; 0191-443-4661).
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    75% of tickets already sold with just 5 weeks to go before the concert.

    If you are planning on attending, and haven't yet got your tickets, we woudl advise getting them soon!
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    You have no idea how much I would love to attend this event. Unfortunately, I'll have to await the DVD. I'm glad the event is selling so well.
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    Another 171 gone so now 87% sold as of today!

    Hurry, hurry!
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    91% sold out, only 131 tickets left!
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    12 May 2008

    Just 5 days to go and the event is officially sold out.

    Contact The Sage, Gateshead for any possible return tickets on 0191 443 4661.

    Julian Bright
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    How was the concert? I will be interested to read comments from anyone on tMP who was there.
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    Black Dyke were awesome ! enough said.
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    The concert was superb. Black Dyke were on fire. Richard Marshall was amazing especially his solo in "Immortal" Brought a lump to my throat. ISB were in good form too (except for the opening bars of Call of the Righteous). Thought Sandy Smith was a bit mean not letting my little brother take the solo in Pines of Rome but then you can't argue with the god of tenor horn players.