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  1. Aaron

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    Does anybody know of/can recommend any entertainments contests taking place in the north/northwest areas? if you could provide dates as well that would be great!
  2. there is a music festival in ulverston every year, think its in march sometime.
    on the sunday of the festival it is brass band day where there are different catagories of contests. we went last year and won our catagory in which you have to play a march, hymn tune and a general piece, this bein usually a test piece. however, there was a catagory for entertainment. in which the band had to put on a mini concert. you have 15 mins or so to play a certain number of pieces. you can include solos/duets etc. i dont know if this is of any help? i am not sure of the date, but i think last year it was the 16th march.
    let me know how you get on.
    i think it would be good just to google ulverston music festival.
  3. Columbo

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    I'll take some dates also as I'm looking for some entertainments also. Does anyone have a list of all 4th Section contests between now and march of next year?
  4. just found the website for you.
    its not ulverston music festival, its the south cumbria music festival.
    the brass day is sunday 29th march
    web: www.scmfweb.org.uk
    they have section for 4th and unregistered bands, and section for 3rd and above.
    hope this is a help to you.
  5. jockinafrock

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    We enter SCMF every couple of years in the solo/duet and ensemble sections. Unfortunately it sometimes clashes with the North West area. The closing date's gone this year, but highly recommend folks think about supporting this one.

    I know it's a hike for some, but it's very well organised, everyone's very helpful and, like many other Music Festivals, there just aren't enough Brass entrants.

    A motivator might be that there are a couple of bursaries available - Boy Wonder won £100 one year and this went towards his tuition fees. Worth the entry fee!

    Newcastle under Lyme is another good one.
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