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    The new test piece for the English Nationals contest is 'Dances & Alleluias' by Philip Sparke. If anyone is interested in getting a look at the study score for this in advance you can buy it now.

    Orders can now be placed online at the price of £6.95 (+p&p) from :-

    4 Bars Rest : www.4barsrest.com

    World of Brass : www.worldofbrass.com

    De Haske Online : www.dehaske.com

    Alternatively you should be able to obtain a copy from any music retailer by telling them that the publication is by De Haske and by giving them the catalogue reference AMP171-330. In case of difficulty do not hesitate to contact us.

    Any queries don't hesitate to contact us.
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    We took 10 copies to Belfast for the EBBC and sold them all!
    Sounds like Dances and Alleluias and the new English National Championships are really creating a lot of interest.