English Nationals 2012

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  1. Does anybody know any own choice selections for the upcoming English Nationals competition in Preston?
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    From the grapevine I'm pretty sure at least one band is playing Audivi Media Nocte - obviously I won't name who!
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    whas the betting paddy for saturday?
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    Has paddy retired
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    He is probably busy designing "good luck shorts" to send to the remaining teams in the Euro 2012 football competition :cool:
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    draw for set test piece now up on 4 br paddy must have forgotten the contest
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    More "GUEST'S"......why ? if what you have isn't good enough, don't bother.............
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    wow thats a bit strong. two players allowed to borrow. if curcumstances arise that bands have to use the rule there is nothingwrong as far as im concerned as i say till you know the facts its better to say nowt
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    results. 1dyke 2leyland 3fodens 4Fairys 5th Hepworth 6th Reg Vardy 7th Gus 8th Pemberton
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    I followed the live comments, and have tonight watched the interviews on 4br and there does seem to be a massive difference of opinion between the 4br live and post contest view - are they different reporters?Leyland were slated in the live comments, but referred to very favourably after the results and fodens seem to have had it the other way with more positive live comments. Also I'd be interested to hear from anyone there how on earth Dykes Cornet could outshine the Euph in their selection of own choice and take the solo prize - that's not a dig at either (fantastic) player, but more a comment on the (euph heavy) composition.Just to be clear I wasn't there so have no axe to grind or problem with the results, but would like to hear opinions from folk that did hear these bands.
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    Firstly to clarify the soloist issue the soloist prize was based only on the test piece and not the own choice contest. I was at the contest yesterday and I have to admit as good as the likes of Fodens, Fairey and Leyland were Black Dyke were on a different wave length. Masquerade was admittedly a lot closer but the own choice was simply outstanding with particular mention to Gary Curtin who was superb. It is the best live performance I have ever heard and it will take something special to top that anytime soon. If you get a chance to hear it on soundcloud do because it was that good.

    Take Dyke out and the other three bands could have finished in any order. My prediction was Dyke (1st and 1st) Fodens (2nd 3rd) and Fairey (3rd 2nd) and Leyland (4th 5th). Hepworth really impressed me on their own choice and they could be a band to watch in the future they are certainly on an upward curve and could be a dark horse at the Open this year if they can carry that form forward. Of the other bands no band disgraced themselves but they were just outclassed at this level. They are good bands in their own right just hard to compete with the class shown at the top end.

    Of the contest itself the new format (now in its second year) is excellent but the crowds are not coming to the contest and it still fails to draw Grimethorpe (back) or Desford in along with Carlton Main and Brighouse not going. That was my fourth English Nationals and it has come along way from my first one back in 2008. I see it as a good cheap contest and I make the trip from Ireland every year. Perhaps it's the location for some people but it does seem hard to see how they can continue to have the contest if it only attracts 300 - 400 people to a 2000 seater venue. I will still continue to attend and I hope more people do as well in the future!
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    Afair reflection on the day from you and no band let them selvs down. A five point difference between 5th place and the bottom three who with 14 points wasa big gap.But overall the standard according to both set ofjudges was very good indeed
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    Gary Curtin was indeed excellent in both performances, but Richard Marshall is and was outstanding. Good day's contesting with good performances from all bands there, but I am not sure if this contest can be (or even should be) sustained.
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    Leyland were slated?? I seem to remember the reporters mentioning a few inconsistencies but there is a very big difference between that and slating.
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    You got it absolutely. I completely agree with your placings for both the morning and afternoon. I felt Leyland were less tidy in the detail at times and so had Foden and Faireys above them. But great interpretation by Leyland in the morning.

    Cant understand why attendance is so low - playing standard was breathtaking and great to hear a good range of superb works on show on the day. It is a well organised contest and thanks to the organisers. Dykes were stunning and well ahead in the morning and afternoon. I really try to be neutral but goodness me, that was a stonker and the last time I heard such unified agreement in a contest hall on a clear winner was when Alan Withington was winning with Grimethorpe some 6 years ago.

    If you haven't been to the Nationals then you are missing a real treat!
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    Maybe because the contest is in the only town (sorry city) that is more depressing than Corby!!! And possibly because this contest (mainly because of the European qualification element) seems to be a fortress for music that may test the players but merely tests the patience of the listeners. Personally I am sick of the squeaks and the silly standing up and the wonderfully bizarre harmony. I and I'm sure many other people want to hear a band (preferably my old band) go on there and play Year of the Dragon or Harmony Music or Blitz or Enigma or any other barn stormer that contain tunes and licence to tonk at full tilt. I am sick of turgid, pretentious waffle that excites the MDs but bores the players and puts off the listeners!!!
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    And whats wrong with Corby?!
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    Well quite obviously you were not in the audience on Saturday! You seem to have dismissed two Wilby pieces, one by Peter Graham and one by Mr Sparke! In other words you have driven a truck through a major body of our wonderful and recent work. Of course you are entitled to your opinion but I dont feel your argument will hold water with the majority. No hard feelings - if I see you there next year I will happily buy you a drink!
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    Well I havnt disliked much by the last two composers on that list. The first was partly responsible for me calling it a day from playing. I would prefer to rip out my toenails before sitting through 5 or so hours of that stuff. Then there is the Euro guff that is currently in vouge. Bands have forgotten what they are and who listens to them!!! :-(