English nationals 2009

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  1. critic

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    List of bands for next year up on 4br a very strong line up should be a great contest
  2. funnythingthat

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    Just seen list.I would be well gutted if i was with GUS.I cant believe Yorks imps are in.If Desford have withdrawn then surely GUS should take their place. I know they use rankings but in this case common sense should prevail. Yorkshire imps really arnt in the same league as the rest of the field. That said they will prob do really well. Good luck to all.
  3. Jayboy

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    I totally agree, how are Yorkshire Imps ranked 30th anyway? why do they invite bands to the contest based on the rankings (which in themselves are based on opinion)?
  4. Jayboy

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    not that they arent a good band, and they will probably do well like funnythingthat says, but I think maybe some stronger bands below them
  5. funnythingthat

    funnythingthat New Member

    It also means that there is no representation from the Midlands Area.Bizarre.
  6. towse1972

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    I am shocked that YBS have been invited due to their poor results over the past 2 English nationals and poor results over the past year in general.
    I agree about the rankings. They by no means accurately reflect the performance and indeed the current ability of the bands.
    Some of the top 20 are merely maintaining thier rank due to extremely historic results.
    Too much note is taken of the rankings system which appears to be very flawed to the majority of the bandpeople i have discussed it with.
    Either way i think you can quite easily look and the list and predict the top 5(ish) and the bottom of the pile.
  7. Anonymous_user

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    Here we go again!! A bit more YBS bashing Donna? why dont people just leave them alone to get on with it?

    YBS are in the contest because the rules alow that. Nothing more / nothing less
  8. GreasySyrup

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    Could'nt agree more Hove Edge. YBS,Imps and whoever else is at the contest are there because they have qualified as per the rules,which are the same for every band trying to get an invite. If you disagree with the rules try and get them changed but having a 'pop' at bands that have qualified is out of order.

    p.s. I dont have, never have had,probably never will have, any connection with YBS or imps,.

  9. trombone-john

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    If they used current rankings, instead of those from last April, GUS would be in!
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  11. flash harry

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    I would second the concern rasied by 'funnythingthat'. As a 'Midlander' I am disappointed that GUS have not been invited to replace Desford. Whilst I may get shot down for saying this, this incident has only created more confusion for me regarding the contest, it's make up and purpose.

    Having said all that, it is not the fault of Yorkshire Imps that they have been selected and it must be remembered that they have been selected on their own merit. Good luck to them (and all the others).
  12. mikey.smithy

    mikey.smithy Member

    Yes of course we at GUS are dissapointed, primarily because this will be the second year in a row that there will be no midlands representation. It is a shame, given that the first invitation criteria is based on Area results, that if a band that declines was initially invited due to an Area result, that the next placed band isn't then invited to replce them. I would then similarly argue that if a band invited due to ranking position declines then the next ranked band should be invited. It would help somewhat if the actual cut off dates for the rankings used was published as a matter of record on the BFBB website. It would help also for clarity if it was stated which 'accredited ranking system' is used.

    Mike Smith
    Virtuosi GUS Band
  13. funnythingthat

    funnythingthat New Member

    BTW im not band bashing,good luck to IMPS and YBS but the ranking system in my eyes is complete rubbish.Like mike Smith says the contest was set up using the Area winners and by not having one of the Area winners or in the case of this year Runners up ,it seems to me to bring the original concept under scrutiny.
  14. Mr_Euniverse

    Mr_Euniverse Member

    What so the bands that qualify for the Nationals get a dummy run? :confused: