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  1. PeterBale

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    Whilst in HMV in Oxford Street yesterday I came across a rack with lots of ASV cds at £2.99, including the English Brass Ensemble's "Russian Brass". Paul Archibald's arrangements of Shostakovich and Prokofiev work well, and it is a fine recording. It doesn't seem to be listed on the HMV web-site, so it may well be a special purchase and only available from the store.

    When following this up, I also came across a link showing their "Toccata" cd at £3: http://www.sanctuaryclassics.com/index.php?section=3&subsection=2&getArticleId=264

    The programme consists of Bach's Toccata & Fugue in Dm, Elgar's Organ Sonata No 2 (incorporating material from The Severn Suite), and Widor's Organ Symphony No 5 (the whole thing, not just the Toccata). James Gourlay on tuba is on top form here, and there is sparkling trumpet work from Paul Archibald and Richard Martin.
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    I got both these CDs plus the Eng. Brass Ens. playing works of Grieg (called 'Lyric Brass', 1989, and arranged by Paul Archibald) a few years back through a mail order firm selling mainly discontinued stock. Prices were as cheap as you found them.
  3. Dave Payn

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    Oh Buqqer! I've been after that Russian Brass CD for yonks. See what happens when I move away from London? :)
  4. brassneck

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  5. PeterBale

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    If anyone from out of London is interested, I'm trying to get a copy for Dave on Monday, and would gladly pick up a couple more to send on. pm me if interested - postage would be about £1.
  6. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    May as well tell what's on the disc...

    Russian Brass (1988, ASV Digital, CD DCA 629, Academy Sound And Vision Ltd.)

    TEN PIECES FROM "ROMEO AND JULIET", Op. 75 (Sergey Prokofiev, arr. Paul Archibald)
    1. Popular Dance
    2. Scene
    3. Menuett
    4. Juliet The Girl
    5. Masks
    6. The Montagues and Capulets
    7. Father Lorenzo
    8. Mercutio
    9. Dance of the Girls with Lilies
    10. Romeo and Juliet before Parting

    SONATA N0. 7, Op. 83 (Sergey Prokofiev, arr. Paul Archibald)
    11. First Movement :Allegro inquieto
    12. Second Movement :Andante caloroso
    13. Third Movement :Precipato

    QUARTET No.7, Op. 108 (Dmitry Shostakovich, arr. Paul Archibald)
    14. First Movement :Allegretto
    15. Second Movement :Lento
    16. Third Movement :Allegro-Allegretto

    The players:-

    Paul Archibald, Richard Martin (trumpets), James Handy (horn), David Whitson (trombone), James Gourlay (tuba)

    Additional performers in 'Romeo & Juliet':-

    Mark Bennett, Maurice Murphy, Rod Franks, Malcolm Smith (trumpets), David Lee, Jeffrey Bryant (horns), Leon Taylor (trombone), Roger Williams (bass trombone), ROBERT CHILDS (euphonium), Patrick Harrild (tuba), Gary Kettel, Michael Doran (percussion), Skaila Kanga (harp) and Heather Toyn (celeste)
  7. Lucky Beaver

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    I used to have a recording of 'Lyric Brass' on cassette but ig to chewed up :( Any idea if this is still available, preferably on CD?? Would love another copy as it was a nice album.
  8. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    ... if I can find the original mail-order catalogue, I will post ASAP. Really good lyrical playing on this CD.
  9. trumpetmike

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    This group is simply awesome. I have all the recordings you are talking about - all fantastic. That Widor's Toccata is just outrageous!

    I also have the sheet music for the Romeo & Juliet arrangement (available from Brass Wind), great fun:biggrin: We played it with Surrey Brass last year and it really gave us a workout.
    It also gave me the chance to use my piccolo trumpet harmon mute (how cute are they?:D), along with piccolo cup and two different piccolo straight mutes!!
  10. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    ... still to dig out the catalogue, but here is a link to what's on the 'Lyric Brass' CD. As you will discover, it has a good selection of material to maintain interest for the listener.


    ... or buy it at Amazon for £8.99


    the other 2 CDs if you are keen ...

  11. Lucky Beaver

    Lucky Beaver Member

    Cheers for your help :D

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