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  1. still learnin

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    Anybody been watching the women's RFU World Cup tournament? The English team have been superb with only two tries scored against them in the whole competition so far. They beat Australia 15 - 0 last night in the semi final and meet New Zealand in the final on Sunday evening.

    Brilliant sporting entertainment. Accurate passing, safe catching, good running, powerful scrummaging, quick ball out of the rucks. Fantastic stuff.

    Martin Johnson was watching last night, I hope that he makes the men's team watch on Sunday, there's a lot they can learn from the ladies!! :clap: :tup
  2. StellaJohnson

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    Watched a bit last night. Finally got sky installed last night. Women's rugby is not for me I have to say.
  3. geordiecolin

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    I find women's rugby more only marginally more palatable than women's football which is tedious in the extreme. I no sexist chauvanist, but women's football is just so slow and the goalkeepers are generally rubbish. For me it simply doesn't work as a spectator sport.

    Women's cricket however is well worth watching.
  4. still learnin

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    Takes all sorts I suppose. I find formula one totally boring especially at the track. Sitting at Kyalami (spelling?) and seeing a succession of cars go past without any clue as to who was winning didn't inspire me. Similarly camel racing in Dubai, didn't hit the spot for me. There again I'm also in that weird minority that has no interest in watching football, playing in a Sunday league after a good game of rugby on a Saturday was a good way to relax and wind down though.
  5. StellaJohnson

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    The problem is the money isn't there to make it better
  6. geordiecolin

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    Nowt to do with cash, just a fact of physiology. Like I very much doubt a woman will ever beat Usain Bolt over 100m, vis a vis women's football will always be much slower than the men's game which we have become accustomed to, especially in this country where the men's game is particularly fast compared to say Serie A or La Liga.
  7. StellaJohnson

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    It has everything to do with money, your view is to do with strength. That dosen't mean its not as enjoyable. Womens tennis, womens athletics, gymnastics etc is just as popular as mens sport. The money is there. Womens Football, rugby etc hasn't the following and isn't as good.

    For example, I play darts, I am just as good as some of the male players and have beaten on the odd ocassion a male county player. The female world champion gets £2000 the men get a lot more £100,00 plus I think. There isn't enough women playing the sport, not enough interest, not enough competitions, thats why the standard is seen to be not as high. in my view
  8. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    I wasn't talking about darts though, I was referring to football and rugby.

    There are several sports where the women's game is comparable to the mens - cricket, motor racing, horse riding, golf, bowls, curling, snooker and darts are just some examples (although I reckon darts is a game, not a sport! ;)). Indeed, I see no reason why these sports (games!) still differentiate between men and women - check out Korfball - one of the only sport where men and women compete on a equal basis. In these instances, money and promotion are as you say relevant.

    However, in my opinion, the very nature of football and rugby means that the womens' game will always provide inferior viewing, regardless of funding.
  9. Thirteen Ball

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    It's not a popular point of view, but as regards games heavily involving physical strength, the mens game is always likely to be more interesting than the womens. However I agree the england women's rugby team have put on a phenomenal display. They can only beat whoever is in front of them, but are clearly far superior in all areas of the pitch to anyone they've faced.

    Just a thought though. Consider gymnastics, or solo figure-skating. Disciplines demanding just as much (if not more) physical fitness, but also grace, artistry and elegance - and watching the womens versions of these sports is usually far more interesting than the mens.

    And before anyone says it, not just because I'm a bloke and the protagonists are often easy on the eye! The quality of performance and standard of competition in the womens's diciplines is generally higher than that of the mens competition.
  10. P_S_Price

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    I watched lots of the womens world football cup and the womens rugby Union, and strength and size are definitely the Big Deficiencies that no amount of funding can make up.

    Most obvious in terms of size are the Keepers, whilst in terms of strength its Pace. Skills and awareness and positioning all come up short.

    Womens Rugby just didnt cut it for me. Again the sheer power and strength of the Packs is obviously missing and again pace of the Backs is slower. One thing I did notice was that it seemed that there were a lot less penalties. For me the Handling skills left a lot to be desired.

    However Money will fix Skills, tactics, errors, and awareness. But It cant put sheer male strength into the Female Frame. The strongest man, Biologically will always be stringer than the strongest woman.

    Sorry Ladies but a fact is a fact.
  11. Bungle

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    Just watched the highlights of the final on the web site http://www.rwcwomens.com/video/index.html (click on the final highlights at the bottom of the page) and it was very enjoyable to watch. I think it shouldn't be compared to the mens game, let's just enjoy it in it's own right.
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  12. still learnin

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    Have any of you detractors of the lady's game ever enjoyed watching youth sport, e.g. under 15s football, rugby or athletics; or does their lack of weight, speed and skills not prove entertaining enough for you either?

    Surely a sporting match between two sides of similar standing with acceptable technical skills can be entertaining regardless of sex and ability? Or are you such conniseurs that you'll only condescend to watch the top level?

    I thought that the men could actually learn something from the ladies when it came to handling skills, quicker ball, less botched passes and better taking throughout the tournament. Or are you just thinking that the men could beat the women so therefore they're no good?
  13. P_S_Price

    P_S_Price Member

    I actually found the games "Entertaining", but wasnt the whole premise of your original argument that this was top Drawer Stuff?

    Those are Superlatives that you would normally use on the very best. And if you use the phrase Powerful, then a comparison with the power of the Mens game is fair!

    (BTW I dont agree with many of your points I saw a lot of Bad passing particularly long passing, and Handling errors, in fact maybe more than in a corresponding fixture in the Mens Game.)
  14. still learnin

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    My premise was

    The English team have been superb with only two tries scored against them in the whole competition so far. They beat Australia 15 - 0 last night in the semi final and meet New Zealand in the final on Sunday evening.

    Brilliant sporting entertainment. Accurate passing, safe catching, good running, powerful scrummaging, quick ball out of the rucks. Fantastic stuff.

    I promise never to use any of those superlatives again unless I am talking about a male national side.

    Maybe the passing wasn't as accurate in the final as the other games but you'll never convince me that the backs English men's team have been much of an example of 'how to do it' in in recent years. Best simply to agree that you know far more about it than me or my non tMP mates (who all enjoyed it). Too many yawn making rows on here for me to join in with one.
  15. StellaJohnson

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    One thing I can say about the womens game, it isn't a penalty kicking competiton like the mens game. Which seems to be the tactic now.
  16. P_S_Price

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    As I say I enjoyed the games. I particularly enjoyed England winning for a change (well except for the Final).

    As for Womens cricket. That is really good. The Womens world cup that followed the Mens T20 was good entertainment, and the skill levels are really high.