England v Trinidad and Tobago

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Andy_Euph, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Andy_Euph

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    So what are people expecting, another lack lusture performance like the other day or a cricket score?

    Personally I think it'll be 2-0 to England, but I just hope that:
    a) the referee is much better than the shambles on display on saturday
    b) Rooney isn't playing, no offence to T&T but England will win and there is no point risking Rooney after all the hassle of the last 7 weeks what's another few days of waiting :dunno
  2. Bigenglandfan

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    Let's hope there's no "cricket score" involved, Trinidad on it's own could probably turn out a better cricket team than ours!!

    Seriously though, I'm sat here hoping that the Paraguay game was just one of those normal, slow starts to a tournament that we always make. The difference being that this time we managed to win the game. I'm less worried about the performance than about what the game told us about the squad we have taken. To replace Owen with Downing exposed the lack of balance in the squad. If SGE didn't want to play Walcott in that situation then why take him?

    It was bad to see Hargreaves getting booed, but as I said on a previous thread, I've seen him play many times over the last couple of years (probably more than Sven in fact!) and he wouldn't have made my squad.

    So T & T, it's quite simple. If we want to believe that we are credible contenders we have to win. Anything else would leave a big pressure game against the Swedes and we know what would happen then!
  3. 2nd man down

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    Yep, no disrespect to T&T but to show they have the potential to be a big hitter in the tournament I think England need a 2 or 3 nil win. 1 nil may get them the points they need, but it really doesn't say "World Champions" to me. World Champs should definitely be turning over teams like T&T.

    Come on Eng-gur-land!!
  4. Andy Moore

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    Any team that can't beat Trinidad and Tobago doesn't deserve to win the world cup - we should absolutely roast them.

    I think Rooney should get some gametime if we've got the game in the bag, maybe 20 minutes at the end to get his match fitness somewhere like.

    IYOUNG Member

    Ptretty clear that so far England have been the worst ''winners'' as it were.

    Far too much caution going on, get Lennon and Walcott on and inject some pace into proceedings

    as for Rooney - I'll predict England will beat T&T and Sweden Rooney will return and they will be knocked out
  6. Andy Moore

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  7. 2nd man down

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    I'm guessing he means England :confused:
  8. gawber

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    Obviously looking forward to this match and hoping England win but I have a soft spot for Shaka Hislop. I thought he had a really good game against Sweden, so if he is in the nets I hope England don't put too many past him.
  9. if TnT play a 1st 11 that have all played in a british league then i think we have a great chance to mess things up.

    then in the 2nd half, leo will bring on 3 players who england have no idea about, 1s who have never played in the british leagues, and TnT will give us problems, england will scrape a win, and need i remind you that no matter what happens, rooney wont be fully fit and match fit, same can be said of owen, and im still shoutin out for sven to call up DARREN BENT, JERMAINE DEFOE, and if we need even more cover, ANDY JOHNSON (albeit i got told that many of his 40 goals from the last 2 seasons have been penalties)

    sweden through everything at 2 t's with 2 quality strikers on show aswell, and shaka with lawrence and sancho in front of him did a great job.

    i wanna see england draw or lose coz then we WILL have to work hard against sweden, for england to become world champions, they should work hard for it!
  10. Cornishwomble

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    We will beat Trinidad comfortably even without Rooney or the other strikers people think we should have brought along.

    It may seem a sweeping statement but we are defiantely good enough. If we don't win then we defiantely don't deserve to think about winning it.

    Another plus side about a good win would maybe be that the negativity that we get on here might diminish a bit!
  11. Andy Moore

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    Are you joking mate? You want them to lose so they have to work hard? What's wrong with them putting the effort in tomorrow, winning what should be an easy game? Then the pressure is off on Tuesday, and we can be careful of not picking up any injuries to key players.

    For England to become world champions, we should be beating teams such as Trinidad and Tobago comfortably, and why any England 'fan' would want their team to lose any game, let alone to sub-standard opposition, is beyond me.
  12. Cornishwomble

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    I cannot see the point in making life hard for ourselves. Win tomorrow then we can give some fringe players some experience against Sweden if necessary.

    You don't need a tough group to deserve to win the world cup. I don't care if we win every game 1-0 with own goals all the way and anyone who says they wouldn't want to see England's name on the cup under any circumstance needs their head read!
  13. Andy_Euph

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    Well put mate, I hate it when people go on like this, fair enough if England play poor or whatever then by all means say it...but get behind the team!!!! I'm proud to be English and fiercely patriotic...I want to see England win every game, and in a months time i'm sure we'll see Beckham lifting gold on high!
  14. roy you said it tho, england always make it hard for themselves, hense why we aint won owt for ages!

    spain are the only team of the major footy nations to comfortably beat a team according to the scorelines so far, and that was against probably the 2nd best team in their group, the likes of angola holding portugal to just 1 goal, how many people thought they would get trounced? the number of goals pauleta is capable of scoring, it should have been a much bigger scoreline, but it wasnt!, no goals from a strike pairing from juve and barca, against an almost fully carribean team with 1 englander from port vale?!?!?!, HELLO!!!!!!!!!, theres NO easy games in this torny, or their shouldnt be! England underestimate TnT at your peril!
  15. Dave Payn

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    Well that's Sweden stuffed, then. ;)
  16. Dave Payn

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    Spain were assisted by some bizarre ref/assistant ref decisions. Nevertheless, they did look a quality outfit and their fourth goal was for me, the best of the tournament so far.
  17. andywooler

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    Let's not forget though that last years European Champions couldn't turn over a team with Shaka between the posts! ;)
  18. Cornishwomble

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    I've never said that we make life hard for ourselves. I said we "shouldn't" make life hard for ourselves.

    The group stages are just that a stage. we need to get through them and come out on top. If we get a couple of goals then we should then sit back and not run ourselves into the ground and so reducing the risk of injuiries and needless bookings.

    The problem with Enlgand is that they are expected to go out and win 5 or 6 nil. We the fans and the press put that pressure on them. If anything it's us that mkaes life hard for them.

    I would be happy with a comfortable 2 or 3 goal win where our defence stays solid and the team gets more time to gel. Brazil haven't set the world alight in their first matcdh and nobody says they have no chance I can't see why England shouldn't be the same
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    - my thoughts (and T&T have just pulled a goal back or so it seemed! :oops:)