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    IYOUNG Member

    So then what have we learnt?

    Having watched both games there have been some plusses and minusses i guess.

    Keiron Richardson's 2 goals - although I'm not totally convinced
    Michael Carrick - Excellent in that holding role can we have a midfield 4 of Carrick Lampard Gerrard and Beckham?
    Peter Crouch - well anyone is better than Heskey surely?
    Zak Knight - Was quietly impressive

    David James - well we knew that anyway surely Sven will realise sooner rather than later.
    Phil Neville - Never International Class
    Glen Johnson - Not rated as good enough at full back let alone centre half
    Alan Smith - seems to have lost his way and just fouls everyone all the time

    what do we think?

    ps - was Ian Wright sulking last night?
  2. Chris Sanders

    Chris Sanders Active Member

    Hell No...

    Carrick - Lampard - World Class Gerrard - SWP

    I cant understand it, he fantastic for his club but not his country, Im overjoyed to have him as a keeper of City, he just plays rubbish for England??

    Very True... Neither is Gary, but there isnt anyone else to fill the position!!

    He has always been like that, even at Leeds, he just got the arrogance that all Man U players get making it worse!!
  3. stephen2001

    stephen2001 Member

    I'll admit I only saw the half-time analysis & the 2nd half of last night's game but I really didn't think that Peter Crouch was that brilliant. OK, the service wasn't great from the rest of the team to him, but what did come his way, he seemed to give away a lot of the time.

    Robert Green didn't do too bad a job. He is a good goalie that was let down mainly by the Norwich defence in the league this season. I'd put him in as 2nd choice 'keeper behind Robinson and in front of James.

    I think overall the tour was a good insight into the "B" team and we should in theory have a better chance in 2010 with that squad than in 2006 with the present "A" squad.
  4. Chris Sanders

    Chris Sanders Active Member

    A lot changes in 5 years...

    My 2006 squad would be...

    Owen - Rooney

    Carrick - Lampard - Gerrard - SWP

    Cole - Terry - King - Carragher

  5. Cantonian

    Cantonian Active Member

    Is Robinson in brackets in case he signs for Man Utd?
  6. Chris Sanders

    Chris Sanders Active Member

    Nah... Brackets cos I dont think we've got any world class keepers...

    Would like to replace him, but there is no-one there to do it...
  7. iggmeister

    iggmeister Member

    I didn't think that Carrick was that fantastic. Hardly heard his name spoken by Motson all night. We just miss Paul Scholes too much. Wasted talent.

    David James was his usual self - I must have missed those good games he supposedly had for Man City (save the one memorable save although I cant remember about whom).

    Shaun Wright-Phillips is hardly proven at this level. He may well do so over the next 12 months and, if he does, good luck to him.

    About 6 or 7 years ago we had loads of good strikers and not enough good midfielders. Situation has somewhat reversed now.

    Just my own opinions.

  8. Chris Sanders

    Chris Sanders Active Member

    You obviously never watched us play throughout the whole season then, he's consistently very good for his club, he was amazing against Chelsea in both matches...

    Its only at international level he seems to lose it... :hammer

    Scoring within 15 minutes of his debut...??

    Apart from that he's not been given the chance... He's world class NOW!! He needs regular starts, for the good of the country...
  9. iggmeister

    iggmeister Member

    I did watch Man City play a few games even if it was painful to watch!! (Joke) Consistency is the key to any good keeper. He has the consistency of diarrhoea. If you cant be a good keeper, you need to be a lucky keeper. David James is neither. He was rubbish at Liverpool as well dont forget.

    You're easily persuaded, or is it because this is the first player in a while that Man City have had that is any decent?

    He may become great. I hope he does. In the meantime, he will likley be a seat warmer/ super-sub.

  10. IYOUNG

    IYOUNG Member

    A ha the sign of a good defensive midfileder then if Carrick not mentioned and that from a Gooner (what am I saying!!)

    I can only judge James on England performances and he isn;t up to it is he. I agree though we haven't a lot to choose from at the moment.

    SWP is a real prospect but there ain't no way justified or not that Sven is going to leave out his beloved captain, we may as well get used to it.

    Is Richardson a better bet on the left than Joe Cole?
  11. stephen2001

    stephen2001 Member

    I realised last season that you could count the number of English goalies in the Premiership on the fingers of one hand...
    it's no wonder that we have no World class 'keepers...it's just a good job we have a World Class pair of centre backs plus another should injuries strike.
  12. Chris Sanders

    Chris Sanders Active Member

    You obviously have no clue do you...??

    I am not saying he should be No.1 for England... But anyone who has followed his progress knows that he has had an excellent season for his club...

    Despite what the losers who only go off reputation say... James has earnt the respect for his consistency this season...

    He is better than Beckham now!! He is both faster and more accurate... His crossing is superb, He deserves the chance...
  13. Chris Sanders

    Chris Sanders Active Member

    Its a major problem there isnt enough up and coming talent to fill the position either...
  14. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    possibly looking at the situation through blue tinted glasses perhaps?
  15. Chris Sanders

    Chris Sanders Active Member

    Hell no... Like I said, I wouldnt put James in net for England, he was shocking in Portugal and was not much better in the USA...

    But you cant slag him off as an all round keeper when you dont watch him week in week out like I do... He's had a great season, and he deserves credit where its due...

    as for Wright-Phillips, he single handedly kept us in the Premiership last season... If Sven gave him his chance now, he'll be the finished article by the World Cup... Beckham isnt getting any younger, its time to pass on the reins... He should give up his position to SWP and his armband to Terry...

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