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  1. BrianT

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    You know the instructions you get with an Airfix kit showing an exploded view, with dotted lines showing how everything fits together? I've often wondered if you can get "exploded" or "cut-away" technical drawings of brass instruments. I think they'd look really good framed. Anyone seen these? Are they available?
  2. timbloke

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    Not seen them but reckon they'd look pretty good and wouldn't be too hard to create with AutoCAD or something similar (particularly the newer versions of cad). One of the technicians at work created a rendered 3D model of a cornet, (simplistic version) which look quite good.


    I work on CAD, it's a brilliant program! A cornet could be a bit complicated though!
    Went to a solid-modelling exhibition once (solid modelling is an advanced form of CAD) and they had a picture of a go-cart all coloured and rendered and when the guy clicked on the wheel, the wheel came off and it displayed all the different parts like nuts & bolts etc. very clever!
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    Being a bit of a saddo I had a quick google search for this at lunchtime today - there are drawings about (search google for something like "brass instrument technical drawing") but they don't seem to be available publically and seem to be the property of museums. Maybe they can help?

    But I agree once the thing was modelled it would be a piece of cake to create quite an impressive looking poster from CAD. I use Inventor at work and I reckon a few hours work (after the initial modelling) could get a great looking rendered image - either an exploded diagram, or a cut-away view; its simple once the initial model is done. If I put my mind to it, I could even do an animation of how the whole instrument was put together!

    TBH given the amount of brass related tat seen on some trade stands, I'm surprised this hasn't already been thought of. :)
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    3D modelling using proE would be a good way. use it at work. brass instruments, given a few hours would be easy. to get all the correct sizes, a bit harder. to get something that looks like you say, doenst have to have accurate dimensions, so could knock comething together, and the can create 2D tech drawings/assembly drawings from the model, using proE...
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    So come on then... let's see something...:)
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    only got proE at work...shall have a crack at it in my spare time...or ill get a copy at home and put comething together at some point. sounds like a challenge:)
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    This is not exactly what you are asking for but you may get some ideas. The Kanstul factory in Anaheim, California had the rights to manufacture the Besson line for the North American market for several years and still produce the basic instrument for Smith & Watkins. Through their online "Parts Catalogue" they have some exploded parts photographs of various brass instruments.
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    Nice one Andy... good spirited response - I like it :tup:clap: