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    I am looking for advice and a bit of help.

    Betteshanger Brass Band have recently been awarded a couple of high profile corporate style engagements which will pay particularly well. A lot of effort has gone into getting these. However a recent corporate engagement was cancelled with the hirer going for a cheaper option after the initial agreement. Efforts to recover some compensation have resulted in a token payment and no more.

    It is fair to say that, like a lot of bands, most engagements are taken on trust by both sides. However, having now learnt the lesson we are looking to formailise the agreements with written contracts.

    My hope is that some on this forum may be able to supply me copies of contracts they use which will assist me in drawing up something similar to protect us in the future. I can be contacted via band@betteshanger.org.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

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    We always have a written confirmation sheet, which we send out for the organisers to sign and return. It lists our standard requirements (chairs, how much room we need etc etc), plus any special requirments (PA system etc) and has details of payments to be made in the event of cancellation. I see if I can get hold of one for you and I'll email to you.
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    Have you considered the standard MU contracts ? I'm sure you'll have at least 1 MU member in the band - get them to download them from the MU website.
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    Our band has just drawn up an engagement contract which, if I remember rightly, contains a clause stating what will happen if the engagement is cancelled by the hirer.

    If you send a PM to our band secretary StanningtonBrassBand, I'm sure she'd be willing to let you have a look.
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    I'm not sure about how my Brass Band works, but my function band has a contract for all of our engagements. We play at mostly Birthdays/Weddings and Corperate Functions.

    It details how much cancellation time either side has to give. It's just piece of mind for the client, and so that the client can't cancel us for someone cheaper at the last minute. The contract also specifies our needs and requirements, making it clear how many power scources we need, having to be indoors in case of bad weather etc (and our worste nightmare....sound limiters are a big no-no!) that way, if we turn up and can't play for a reason that's mentioned in the contract, we still get paid and aren't out of pocket.

    We did have to return a deposit recently because of an unfortunate cancellation of a wedding. They were outside the deadline so didn't hesitate in returning their money. These things happen!
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    Thank you to all who replied here and privately. I now have the information required and can start working with it.