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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Band Lads Army, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. Best fiver I've spent!

    Just got back from Sheffield , did anyone else on here go?

    We had a pretty heavy programme , but my feelings were it was fantastic. The programme included Able ,The Last Amen ,GLORIFICO AETERNUM:biggrin: ,Purcell Variations ,Concerto for band and trombone,Since Jesus.

    Lightwalk by B.GOTT ,was a highlight ,which I never envisaged what happened. After the interval we had teh drummer start off on his own and then the players who were all down in the audience chatting etc..suddenly all walked around playing the piece and the result was them all eventually on the stage with James Williams coming up for the last 16 bars or so. At 82 years of age ,his musical abilities etc.. are astonishing.

    The double forte's must have been heard all around Sheffield , never heard a noise like it in my life from a brass band

    Fantastic night for anyone connected with brass bands and the Salvation Army.I'm not sure how many turned up but I think a few hundred.

    Even got some video clips of Lightwalk and Red Shield!
  2. Railybobs

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    Does Enfield still do the standing up and sitting down bit in Red Shield with all of em' standing for the final section?
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    Thanks for those comments.....It was a really good night seemed to be well appriciated as well. I'll agree with you on that comment about Jim. He just seems to keep going and going and he does exactly the same during rehearsals!

    Yeah, we still stand up during the Red shield, bit cheasy but its a good end to the concert!
  4. It was so good ,I'm going to goto Nottingham in November too. I have noticed from your programmes some patterns in the programmes , and does that mean they are changed in different seasons?. I thought the programme was perfect and as a young enthusiastic sa musician I would have picked most of those pieces! We only travelled 50 miles last night ,but I would have travelled from anywhere to hear that programme last night it was fantastic. I suppose with you having played the red shield hundreds of times I understand your feeling of it being a bit cheesy ,but it wouldn't be an enfield end without that.

    Top job:tup :clap:
  5. http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/basfc/Enfield clips.wmv

    Some clips of the evening here on my cheap DV cam including Red shield at end.

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