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  1. wow , that was quite an evening. A fine SA brass band and a musical magician on the bass. The band were in very good form and we got a variety of stuff in a new programme. We had pieces ranging from I know a fount ,French , to A fanfare of praise , The call of the righteous and the piece which earnt me quite a reputation on here ,Glorifico Aeternum :D , greeted with massive applause and cheers. Many highlights of the night Procession to the minster ,particularly, as it's my favourite brass band piece end :biggrin: what a sound that always produces , shame no organ.

    Steve Sykes was phenominal ,never heard him play before , but would like to again after that. Czardas was brilliant , technical playing on another planet. and with a great sound all night...and all this for 4 pounds ,I was on the front row too. I'm glad I chose this over York City away ,super smashing lovely :)

    I missed my train I was booked on due to Dean Jones' marvellous work plonked on the end of the programme , but I really wasn't bothered , I got a red arrow home in the end anyway

    I think I'm going to listen to procession to the minster again , what a piece.

    Is Steve Sykes doing any other concerts with bands in the near future?

    I have to go
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    wasn't it AMAZING!!! i loved it, They played the best version of toccarta in Dminor that i have ever heard, it blew me away,

    following my recent search for a bass solo i'm not quite so sure now though Steve was fantastic, i'll be please if i ever get to be half as good a player as him, he was so funny too!!

    If any one from the band come on the site i just want to say a massive well done it was a truely great concert ( when i finally found the place, lol)

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    - Steve amazes me that he is still developing his skills! Hard to believe that a few years back I encouraged him to record his talents on CD before he got too old and regretted not doing it! (... famous last words!). And very pleased that he still uses Czardas as his party-piece (... is he still using the sub-pedals in his cadenza?). :p
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    he was fantastic, he really captured the character of all his solos, it amazes me how he dances around with his bass like it's the weight of a cornet (maybe i need to build up my muscles) yeah he uses notes lower and higher than i could dream of playing.

    men can wear tight pants and cross their legs to get high notes but what can i lady do?

    must say i was a little disapointed after purchasing his cd that he plays amazingly on but only has piano backing, it's just not quite the same
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    - horses for courses! It wasn't the use of piano that got to me ... it was his choice of pieces! Before the recording he was touring the U.S.A. frequently and was using a lot of new repertoire more relevant to his audiences. I was hoping for more original material rather than arrangements of works used mainly for other instruments. Saying that, the playing is still first class!
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    One of our bass players went last night and said that it was an outstanding night out, Steve Sykes was absolutely splendid and played very well.
  7. I think I spoke to the lady who played bass in your band , as we arrived so early we were the first in and she obviously had heard sykes before from the pre match comments. ,I hadn't but glad I have heard him now.
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    Yes Lynn is quite charming she didn't mention speaking to you . But she is quite chatty and was very impressed by the whole concert.
  9. I've heard tocatta so many times from various bands , but that Enfield rendition is my personal favourite, powerful ,controlled and super sound.

    Enfield in previous programmes have often gone for a march to start with like Able ,Motivation kind of stuff , but "a fanfare of praise" was the opener , very powerful performance ,robert redhead has produced some wonderful music. I have a recording on a cd of the ISB doing it , but it's taking at a slower pace , I preferred Blyth's faster pace last night.

    Well done to Andrew Blyth as well in his first festival since being comissioned the great James Williams' sucessor to the Enfield throne:clap: .
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    I agree, thought the faster tempo of "Fanfare of Praise" really brought the piece to life, really lifted it from the score.
  11. Yep interesting too that Andrew plays in the ISB under Stephen Cobb who's read of the piece is different. Just as personal preference i prefer the more driving rock version later on that Enfield used last night , it rattled around booth memorial hall and was a majestic start. I enjoyed the call of the righteous very much. Amazing how none of the music seems to date and still as enjoyable today as it was to all those people many years ago and appeals to all ages. Top night and £4!!! It cost me more to get there than the evening.

    I wonder if Steve sykes gets a little disappointed everyone uses Ray farr's arrangement of toccata;)
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    Might be worth mentioning that Andrew Blyth left the ISB for a few years ago now, plus when the ISB recorded 'Fanfare of Praise' it was under Colonel Redhead's baton, not Steve's.

    Glad the concert went well.
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    Steve Sykes should not get peed off by bands using Ray Farr's arrangement as Ray's version is farr superior. Why does Steve always try to improve on other peoples arrangements? Stick to playing Steve it's what you do best - remember Scarecrow & Mrs King - wonderful arrangement ... not.

    Wambander. You look awfully like a lady called Christine, a lady not known for her replies to brass band threads.
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    To move the conversation swiftly away from Christine (!) - did the band finish up with 'The Red Shield'?
  16. Thanks for correcting me further up John I made a mistake there ,so now I am comparing the way the writer played it.

    Yes they did play TRS ,and Blyth did the same james williams cut off and hands in the air , Jimmy was there ,perhaps confused why he wasn't up there anymore after all the years :biggrin:
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    Steve Sykes

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    Thanks for dignifying me with a response.

    Having played under Steve (!!!!) and played a great deal of his arrangements as a result I maintain he should stick to what he's very, very good at ... PLAYING.
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    The steve Sykes arrangement of Toccata in D minor , it's brilliant and is closer to the Sky original version. Is this the new thing is Sally Army music , to play arrangement for Brass Band which have been doing the rounds since the early 1980's??
    Arranging for Bands is an amazing art ( just look at the denzil stephens output from the 1980's not a duffer) , scarecrow and Mrs King , ET , Toccata , caravan are tricky arrangements and are good fun to work on...still If I could play tuba and arrange half as well as Steve Sykes I would be very pleased
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    I was referring to Steve's arrangement of Scarecrow & Mrs King.

    There are a lot of very fine arrangers who are excellent at what they do. I don't recall calling anyone a "duffer" - only stated an opinion about what I would like to see Steve doing more of.

    You appear to be having a go at SA bands?

    SA bands were not allowed to play these arrangements (oficially) until recently. Gainsborough SA Band apparently used Hawaii 5 0 on the march many years ago. You'd probably object to that on the lack of surfing opportunities inGainsborough!!

    Enfield have also recorded Journey Into Freedom - a recording that Steve Syke's also performs on (He Wipes The Tear emphasises my point about why he should stick to playing)

    Non-SA bands are going back to the 20's & 30's playing music that wasn't open to them (officially). Why do think it's OK for them to play music that has been "doing the rounds" in SA circles for over a hundred years but that SA bands should steer clear of non-SA music?

    2 new audiences for 2 new/old libraries. Can only be a good thing - especially for arrangers good or bad ( and yes there are a few, though not many)