Endorsers, why so many?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by MrBaritone, May 27, 2015.

  1. MrBaritone

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    Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed how so many people from the brass band movement are now Besson, Geneva, Yamaha or Sterling artists? It's almost as if you haven't 'made it' unless you become an 'artist' for a particular manufacturer and announce it on 4barsrest. And some of these people I haven't even heard of before. I totally appreciate that if your David Childs or Ceri Parry Morgan then you're going to want these sort of professional players playing your instruments and naturally you're going to want the banding world to know about it. But what of these players no-one has heard of? Just scroll down the Besson artists and you'll see there's all sorts on there. And then every so often there's a 4br press release of yet another Besson artist. Who cares that you play a Besson cornet, does it honestly influence anyone here to buy Besson or Yamaha etc? Does anyone else find it irritating?
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    I just know that in the unlikely event that someone wants to give me a free trombone and put a page on their website presenting me as a modern musical legend, I ain't saying no :)
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    I don't think it's even a case of that. I reckon many of these people go out and buy a instrument, then write their own press releases. I mean honestly, the amount of Besson artists out there, the company would go bust handing out so many instruments for free and supposedly paying them all a retainer to play their instruments!
  5. nethers

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    I can think of three 'endorsers' that I know personally, well enough that they would tell me on the quiet if this was just a financial arrangement for them (I asked one outright, being a cynical sod myself) but in all three cases I know these particular players really do play these instruments exclusively (within reason) and would genuinely choose these instruments anyway.

    Most of these arrangements do require the player to do some work, for example Besson, Yamaha etc may fund a masterclass or recital so I doubt that the 'brand artist' title is handed out too lightly because if Geneva were sending me out to play recitals etc their orders would dry up pretty quick!
  6. What the actual..... :')
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    I'm sure the rock-star lifestyle many of the top band performers become accostomed to does not come cheap and they are happy for any financial assistance they can get. Performers like Ceri deserve the most respect in my opinion, as she plays Eb/Bb bass rather than the more obviously flashy cornet ,euph or tenor horn yet still attracts funding from major manufacturers.
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    I've never heard of Ceri Parry Morgan she most be a truely great player to carry tittle of "artist".
  10. mxb59307

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    I know nothing of CPM other than seeing occasional posts on here suggesting that they are a bass player. I just assumed (perhaps wrongly) it was a bloke , though a quick Google and a look on bessons website seems to confirm that they are.
  11. Most definitely a gent..... Cheers all the best!
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    Thanks for the confirmation. And an approving nod for not rising to the baiting of others.

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