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  1. Brian Bowen

    Brian Bowen Active Member

    Following the poor relay from the Masters at Cambridge, I wrote to The Music Page and received this reply:

    The problem you described could either be related to the load on our servers at the time you tried to view the video, or the speed of your internet connection. Unfortunately with problems such as this, it's very difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. However we are committed to giving the best user experience on the website and have already begun the process of looking at ways to deliver more content to our ever growing number of users.

    The problem may also have something to do with the changing banners as you mentioned, however these are extremely small images and if they are interfering with the video then this could point to a bandwidth issue at your end. We are also looking into a new advertising partner for the site and when we have this new system in place it may solve this problem.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.


    Paul Evans
    Chief Technology Officer
    Mobile: +61 438 72 11 71
    Skype: esumti
    Level 1, 43 Royal Parade
    Parkville, VIC 3052
  2. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    ... So how does this explain the Grimey feed and the cutback/replay in the Dyke performance? :roll:
  3. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member


    They were at the bar? ;)
  4. Di

    Di Active Member

    I was at both of the events, so haven't been sat trying to watch live. With regard to the changing adverts though, is this referring to flash adverts? I've been getting increasingly annoyed with the slowness of the "new improved" multi-map, as they have smothered the pages with flash ads, and googlemaps seemed no better. It was taking ages for pages to load. I've added myself a flash blocker which does seem to help. I wonder if this would help in the case of this too?
  5. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    It's okay for them saying that our own ISPs might be partly responsible for some delays in playback but some of the situations (such as the ones I mentioned) cannot be thrown back into our courts (... there I go again ... another tennis analogy!).
  6. Di

    Di Active Member

    I take that back, it wasn't googlemaps as there are no flash ads on that one. I was trying several though to replace my old favourite of multimap.
  7. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member


    Another comment that was made to me concerned some of the video work:

    Um..... perhaps a little more planning and simplification would be in order, as well as investing in more bandwidth (not withstanding the possible ISP side bottlenecks).

    As I say, though, I didn't watch it and this is all 3rd party.
  8. Humphrey

    Humphrey Member

    I have been very fortunate to have recorded well over 70 CD (and LP) recordings throughout my career and I understand that the variation in quality is often not down to cost but more often sloppy (or even non-existent) production values. The finest recordings I have been involved in were recorded using the equipment in BBC Studio 7, Manchester and from a mobile set-up hired by a well known European publishing house. In the latter, the team doing the recording were more accustomed to recording rock concerts but they were professional and only interested in reproducing the finest sound quality.
    Many people (including myself) have enough recording equipment in their bedrooms to potentially produce better recordings than many of the so called recording houses out there today so I do understand that cost isn't necessarily the bottom line.

    It appears to me however that under-estimating bandwidth is far more serious. Any company providing an A/V stream for public viewing should surely have the server capacity to handle (or even exceed) any demands placed upon it. The Norwegian Broadcasting Company (being a National company) understood that and the results were superb.
    My comment about the BBC was of course facecious. I would never expect them to cover a brass band contest but if they did.... well (our) money being no object, you would certainly expect their server capacity would far outweigh any demands placed upon it.

    I do take the previous point that free shouldn't mean c**p, but the situation would be vastly improved if each viewer paid something in advance to watch the live stream. I could be wrong but I believe most bandsmen would be happy to pay £5 for a day of smooth A/V streaming of a contest. They could enjoy the contest from the comfort of their armchair and save themselves the cost of travelling to the venue, paying extortionate ticket prices and in some cases a fortune in beer :) Advance payment would also allow the company doing the streaming to accurately gauge the likely demands that are going to be made on their servers.
    I think if a free stream were provided, it would be far more exciting if it were an audio stream only. Less bandwidth and maybe the software could be adapted to allow people to not know which band were playing (as an option). This would allow all of our "armchair" adjudicators to literally realise their dream! Add a further option to download the score using the Sibelius Scorch plug in (further cost of course) and I think you may have brass band utopia! ;)
  9. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    The advantages of web streaming are way in favour it but you cant beat the live atmosphere of actually being there yourself. Ok, the expense of getting there and the cost of tickets, study score and ott with beer(!), but if you cant make it for whatever reason, then this is a very fine alternative.
  10. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    You're quite right - I really shouldn't have missed that out :eek:
  11. Sonny Barker

    Sonny Barker Member

    It sounds like no-one's listening at The Music Page. There are also a couple of typos in their release. 2nd paragraph should read:

    "Due to unprecedented unpopularity of the stream from the recent All England Masters, no users were able to connect to The Music Page..."

    They also forgot to mention that it took a fortnight to get the performances up to 'view again'.

    Glad to see they've cracked time travel, though!!
  12. johncollinson

    johncollinson New Member

    TMP stream

    Maybe I can address some of the understandable frustrations with two of our streams from the UK.

    We know it is not a server issue as we stream through Akamai who currently handle close to 20% of the worlds internet traffic. They have been involved with live streams which have been watched by over 2 million people at a time.

    The issue for us is getting the signal to Akamai. We have been using a Vodaphone wireless card for both our streams in the UK as we are working on a business model which allows us to be as portable as possible enabling us to do outdoor concerts, various venues etc. We will continue to test other wireless options but in the meantime we are working hard to ensure we have dedicated broadband lines in the coming venues. We have events this month at the Brighouse Lions Festival of Brass, Belgian Brass Academy and New Zealand band championships and will be able to test this very quickly. Both times we have used the wireless Vodaphone card in the Uk we have had the ridiculous dog barking sound.

    We are in the early stages of setting up a permanent team in UK/Europe so that these things can been tested well in advance and a well trained film crew set up. We used local filming people for the ENBBC event and the results were unsatisfactory (trying to be nice now)

    We would love a few people from the UK who would be willing to give us regular feedback on live streams whether from the UK or elsewhere and let us know what the experience is like. We have been using wireless cards for streams in Australia with far less problems but it seems a bit of a lottery in some countries and incredibly frustrating as streaming is not a cheap exercise.

    We are committed to making this work at the highest level and enable people all over the world to hear the incredible playing of bands such as Grimethorp or Black Dyke live (not just half a piece!)

    We would love to hear from anyone willing to watch a variety of streams each month from various countries and from a cross section of systems - macs, pc's etc

    We also need feedback on other features such as the addition of our live chat and other things we should or shouldn't develop.

    You would not need to do anything more than listen to some free concerts and help us understand what you are hearing and seeing.

    I would be happy to hear from anyone willing to give us some time.


    John Collinson
    General Manager
  13. timps

    timps Member

    Why is everyone complaining about a free service?
  14. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    Frustration probably.

    I think everyone has been swept up on the tide of a great idea that - for the two British based contests at least - hasn't delivered for the apparent reason outlined above....and people just want (and just expect - sometimes unfairly) it to work.

    It'll be great to see the results from something like a fixed ISDN line or satellite uplink (for the truly mobile ;) ) - the UK obviously has to catch up with Oz in the broadcast over wireless IP stakes.

    I wish them the best of luck, and I'll look forward to the improved version :)

    (oh, and we're (in the main) British, and we complain a lot ;) )
  15. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    (I should also say thanks to a few of my broadcasting colleagues for some interesting discussions around this over the last few days)
  16. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    Yes your probably right KMJ. Its a marvellous idea. The GM of The Music Page has said that the service will be magnified, as I think with other ones, had about 2 million people watching!!
  17. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    Aye - there's no extra pressure on the high C# in Contest Music with an extra 2m people watching is there? :biggrin:

    The only potential spanner in the works is the cost differential between the fixed or satellite lines and the wireless systems and whether their vision of coverage can still fit the business model...I really hope it does :)
  18. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    Be great if it does happen, KMJ.
  19. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Oh, has anybody tried to register on the Music Page site yet? I noticed that they were streaming the Verstaile Brass reunion concert but you have to become a member and log on to view it. Im still waiting on the activation email to arrive (I registered last evening).
  20. gateway

    gateway New Member

    Check your spam filter, our ISP's spam filter had stopped the email not our own spam filter on the PC. We had to access our email account on the server and manual forwarded it.

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