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  1. rutribal

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    You looking for a dep in your area? You have specific requirements? Maybe you want to get out and play more. Well, I have the website for you.
    Launced on 18/12/06, the webmaster states that this is the first interactive and most efficient dep list for brass musicians. So, list your details on there. Booked it, packed it, ... you know the rest! I recommend it!

    Remember, emptychairs.co.uk

    See you there!
  2. rutribal

    rutribal Member

    If you do register on the website, quote "sianybee". Then we know you saw the advert on here, themouthpiece.com!
  3. www.emptychairs.co.uk

    The site is now growing, there are a lot of bands that use this site.

    Why not see if its worth having a look yourself.

  4. IckleSop

    IckleSop Active Member

    Nice idea!!
  5. Straightmute

    Straightmute Active Member

    Good idea - very best of luck with the site. (For me, it would be useful if Professional Cards could indicate the Instrument(s) in addition to the Location to save having to download each individual player's complete details..)

  6. www.emptychairs.co.uk

    I spoke with the web master this morning and that option has now been added to the Pro Cards Part of the site.

    Any other Ideas please email info@emptychairs.co.uk


    Are you going to the Areas? Take a look on Emptychairs for some rather funny supporters atire!

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