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    Having had a hectic Christmas period the Emley Christmas bash and annual awards were put on hold. On Friday 11th January the band got together for a freindly beverage and to award various trophy's and prizes to the stand-out members of our team in 2007.

    Player of the year was Crawford Howe
    Bandsman of the year went to Adam Clewes
    Most improved player was Felicity Ward

    Added Extra's (for non-musical contribution) went to Margaret Hudson (Sec.)
    Most Persecuted player, who has taken the most ribbing this year was, Drew Hudson

    The Emley award, is to recognise something or someone who has made the band laugh throughout 2007, this years award went to Drew Hudson, for Flattening a "Road Closed" sign at Whit Fri, whilst walking into the field at Greenfield with the bass drum strapped to his chest (obstucting his view).

    Well done to all our prize winners, as we now look forward to the challenges ahead in 2008.

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