Emley Brass Band, seeking a cornet player.

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    Emley Brass Band, based in the Village of Emley, 10 mins from the M1 (junc 38 or 39). 25 mins or less from Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Barnsley and Sheffield!
    are seeking

    A Cornet Player,

    we could accommodate a player almost anywhere in our section so a strong back or front row cornet player would be most welcome, and if you're interested there is the possibility of leading the team from the top chair!

    We rehearse Monday & Wednesday 8pm - 9.45pm. Check out our website for a look at our diary (which is now complete for the year, so everyone in our team can plan their lives!) www.emleybrassband.co.uk . We have had very few empty seats over the last 8 years which I assume means we are doing something very right, we also re-booked almost every gig we do, meaning we have a full and settled diary, we do a high percentage of our concerts indoors to full audiences. We play a very varied blend of music and always go out to put on a good show.

    This year we will be making the trip to represent Yorkshire in the 3rd section national finals at Cheltenham, running our own Real Ale Festival (much better than a sponsored walk when it comes to fundraising!), and in 2013 will return to the 2nd section, and we are heading to the Isle Of Man for their Music festival in April :) . . . .

    All in all, we are a very well run organisation with a forward thinking outlook on band/life balance and the place a Brass Band has in Modern Entertainment!

    Get in touch with me for a chat via PM, or through our website.

    Thanks for reading
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    We are also on Twitter @emleybrassband

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