Emley Brass Band, Gala Concert

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    The 7th of July will see Emley band take to the stage in Emley Parish Church, The concert will feature our usual eclectic blend of concert items as well as featuring our guest soloist for the evening.

    Paul Argyle, Soprano player for the Rothwell Temperance band will be joining the band on stage to perform 4 solo's. Paul started playing on the back row of the band around the time first formed (1985) moving onto to Soprano at the age of 12. He's stayed on that seat during the bands meteoric rise through the sections when the band went from 4th to Championship in just 5 years. Now established firmly in Yorkshires toughest section Paul is a cornerstone of the bands success.

    Paul will be playing 4 exciting solos for soprano players, Flowerdale, Post Horn Gallop, Summertime and Live and Let Die.

    The concert starts at 7.30pm, in the Parish Church at Emley (opposite the green dragon) Refreshments are included at half time. Entry is a mear £5, on the door or in advance via 2ndManDown or Ploughboy.

    We hope to see you there, and you're all invited to the Green Dragon afterwards for a drink or three with the band!
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    I'd just like to say a HUGE thank you to Paul Argyle, (Soprano with Rothwell Temperance Band) who (because our original soloist was unable to attend) stepped in at the 11th hour, had one rehearsal with us, and then performed magnificently on the night.

    This man is a star for agreeing to help us out at such late notice, he needed proverbial spherical objects of steel to stand there and perform the solo's he did on the back of the limited rehearsal time we had with him, and gladly the concert was a big success, the band played as well as I've ever heard them play and the crowd thoroughly enjoyed the program we put on.

    Thanks again Paul, you're a hero. :clap:
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    Great concert. Congrats to everyone. The band are sounding really great at the moment.

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