Emley bid farewell to super flugel

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    Emley Band are sad to announce the departure of our Flugel Horn player Rachel (Miss Presley) from our ranks.

    Rachel joined the band in 2003 as Principal Cornet, later moving on to Flugel Horn in 2005 where she stayed for the rest of her stay with the band. Unfortunately Rachels finish with the band was brought to an abrupt and premature conclusion when she slipped and fell a week before the 2008 Area contest and badly bruised her arm, rendering her unable to play at her final performance (Thanks once again to Russell Fenton for stepping in to the frey at the last minute to save the day for the band!)

    Rachel was a dedicated and extremely talented player, and in her loss we truly believe that we've lost one of the best lower section players in the country.

    She has decided to take some time out of banding, time which she felt she needed to put a few personal issues in order.
    All the band wish Rachel well, want her to know we're thinking of her, and can't wait to have her back if/when she decides it's time to pick up her instrument again.

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