Emley Band, Yorkshire 3nd Section Require Solo Trombone

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by ploughboy, Sep 6, 2003.

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    So the next time you ask "what's this *****?" I can quote this back at you? ;-)
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    Emley, 3rd section Yorkshire, Baritone & Bass

    Hi Folks, Following the recent departure of our 2nd Baritone player Andy Sidwell, we are seeking a 2nd Baritone player, all the usual superlatives apply, freindly, dedicated etc etc.

    We need one BBb or EEb bass player, we have a flexible section so can accommdate either to fill the section out. the rest is as above.

    Other than these seats we DO have a full team, the same one as is seen on the contesting and concert stage! :)

    We rehearse mon & wed, 8 til 9.45. Have a good schedule (no bank holiday jobs etc) do some good contesting and have a lot of fun - still the best way to find all this out is to come down for a blow, you'll be made very welcome by the gang. See you soon then?

    Either pm me or contact through the website - www.emleybrassband.co.uk
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  3. 2nd man down

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    Emley Brass Band, currently 3rd section, still require a 2nd Baritone and a BBb or Eb bass player to complete our line up.

    We enjoy a very friendly social life, we have a varied, challenging and enjoyable repertoire of music, and under the guidance and baton of Garry Hallas are steadily becoming one of the best 3rd section bands in Yorkshire. We perform a good blend of contests, concerts and "other" jobs such as gala's and fete's.

    We are recent winners of the 3rd Section at the Easingwold March Contest (finishing a respectable 7th overall) and are current Whit Friday March Contest Greenfield Village 3rd Section Champions.

    Interested applicants should contact either myself or our Musical Director Garry Hallas (Ploughboy) by PM or email. All applications will be dealt with in strictest confidence.
    Applicants should be dedicated and be willing to work hard.

    We rehearse twice a week (with more rehearsals in contest run-ups), Monday and Wednesday nights, 8pm to 9:45pm, and are located within 15 minutes drive of junctions 38 to 40 of the M1, and junctions 23 to 25 of the M62.
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    Blimey I can't believe we've a thread for recruitment that goes on so long - I hope you didn't read all that ****, and we can cut to the chase.

    BBb Bass player required. Must enjoy beer, playing the BBb Bass and playing octave's below the written part! Are you the man or woman for us? Oh and it's our ONLY empty seat, come for a blow see for yourself .

    As above - Rehearsal Mon.Wed. 8-9.45pm, wonderful MD yada yada ya . . .

    Join now for muchos fun! Cheers

    Oh, If you're a really good Eb player - and I mean good. One of ours will swap and create a space for you!

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  5. 2nd man down

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    Emley Brass Band will be on the lookout for a Flugel Horn Player after the upcoming Yorkshire area contest in Bradford.
    It is with great regret that our current Flugel Player (Miss Presley) has decided she needs a complete break from banding due to other more pressing home life commitments and had said she needs to step down after the contest in March.

    Applicants should be capable, hard working and dedicated (and able to keep up with Emley's social side too) ;) .

    We still rehearse Monday and Wednesday nights, 8 till 9:45 in our own centrally heated band room in Emley.

    If you're interested please contact myself, or our conductor (ploughboy) by email or pm and we'll get you down for a blow.

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    Having shuffled round our existing resources we have a very capable player now on Flugel horn, This has left a gap on SOLO CORNET, but basically we need one cornet player as we have the playes to move around even Sop would be a possibility.

    So if you play cornet and would like to come along for a blow and check us out, I'll save the wild claims about how good we are until you've been. Hope to see you soon!

  7. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    We're on the look out for a front row cornet player (the principal seat is even up for grabs if you have the right stuff, I'd rather not be sat on it!)

    We're Yorkshire 3rd Section (4th at the last area contest), current Pogson Bray Trust contest section B champions, and are competing at Easingwold March Contest, Wychaven Entertainment Contest and Malton Entertainment Contest to name but a few later this year.

    We enjoy a varied, entertaining and very challenging concert repertoire with soloists all round the stand and have an excellent friendly social side.

    We rehearse Monday and Wednesday nights 8 till 9:45 (with additional rehearsals and sectionals in contest run-ups) and are located within 15 minutes drive from junctions 38 - 40 of the M1 and junction 25 of the M62.

    If you're interested please apply to either myself or our musical director and conductor Garry Hallas (ploughboy), or indeed any one of the many band members we have on tMP.

    C'mon, give us a try, you know you want to. ;)
  8. ploughboy

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    Hey Folks, thanks for getting down our thread this far.

    We are on the look out for a tuned Percussionist, We have an excellent Kit player who is happy to get up and dabble at other stuff now and again, we have a Timp player who's a learning percussionist, he is happy to have a go at other stuff but as he's only learning this is limited, he does however do an excellent job in that corner of the band. So I would like to recruit a Percussionist who is looking to do some Tuned playing, we have Xylo, tubular bells, Wide bar glock, Vibes and asorted other bits and bobs!! I am a percussionist so like to have plenty going on at the back. I would Ideally like to find someone with experience that can give some advice and guidence to our percussionist too!

    I can quite boastfully say we have a full set of brass players so are only looking for a tuned percussionist, we do lots of indoor concerts and love taking part in entertainment contests so usually plenty going on there. We are doing the Whychavon entertainment Contet in Sept and Malton in Nov, busyish christmas and then pushing on to 3rd section area's next year (4th this year)

    Rehearse in Emley, Mon/Wed 8 - 9.45, Do'nt believe in tons of extra rehearsals anywhere, we play hard every night and don't need to do 114 rehearsals in the last two weeks before a contest.

    PM me, or 2nd Man Down if you fancy checking us out!

    cheers for reading!
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    Evening folks.

    Emley band are currently seeking a cornet player, We have one empty seat which can be wherever someone wants it to be. If we find, A Sop, 4th Man, Principal, Back row cornet player that would fill up our section again. Doesn't matter which player we find, everyone is willing to shuffle round to help keep the team topped up.

    This year we've won at Pogson Bray (test piece) Easingwold (march) and Whychavon (Entertainment) so we've had a great year, and next year promises even more, with a settled team we're improving month by month. have an amazing bandroom atmosphere, and a lot of banter in the pub!

    If you're interested give me a shout, pop down one night for a practice and check us out.

    Cheers, Garry.

    p.s. regarding the above adverts, we now have 3 full time percusionists, and only need 1 cornet player, so all the other vacancies have been filled. thanks.
  10. ploughboy

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    It's nearly two years since we've advertised a playing position at Emley, Sadly tonight we have said farewell to Raymond Ruscoe. Ray has been at Emley since 1998, when he joined the team as a Trombonist, since then he's had spells on Baritone and Cornet. Everyone at Emley would like to wish Ray a happy retirement and we hope his golf now improves!

    We are looking for a cornet player to further enhance the team at Emley, Front or Back Row, Principal - 3rd Cornet. We have a fabulous team here and thus could accommodate a player wherever he/she feels most at home.

    We are a 2nd section band that enjoys a hard earned reputation for varied and entertaining concerts. This year we defended our Stocksbridge Band Club most entertaining band title. We try and keep a balanced schedule but like any serious band we do have the odd busy period and take the contests we enter seriously.

    If you'd like to have a chat about joining us, or popping down for a blow one evening and checking us out drop me a PM or email (garryhallas@hotmail.com).

    Thanks for reading.
  11. ploughboy

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    Evening good folks of tMP,

    Emley band are seeking the services of a cornet player, from January 2011 we have shuffled our team around and ideally we are seeking a strong 2nd cornet player, we have been lucky over the last 3-4 years to have some great members on our back row team are you interested in joining us?

    2011 will see our full team (once you join!) take on our 2nd year in the 2nd section, it's been a tough ride this year but we've a team full of players determined to make next year better. Next years schedule looks like . .

    Feb - Brass at the Guild
    March - Area Finals
    April - Isle of Manx music festival (weekend away and having some fun and making some great music)
    May - Aug - Concerts and a few marching contests
    Sept - Oct - Entertainment contests, and concerts
    - you know what comes next!! -

    If you fancy a chat, just get in touch PM, email, phone etc. I'm happy to talk about my philosophy and our teams aims. We are a happy band that tries to have fun and enjoy our time together, but behind the bandroom door and on stage we work hard to forward the standards we have set ourselves over the last few years.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    p.s. if you're reading this and think you could strengthen our team further up or down our cornet team please get in touch, we have some flexibility to work with . . . .
  12. ploughboy

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    Howdy Folks,

    Still heading towards 2011 short of a cornet player to enhance our team, Strong back row player preferred but if you fancy something more challenging then get in touch . . . . .
  13. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    Emley Brass Band are looking to recruit a cornet player for our Front Row. We are happy to sort a seat out for you on any of the 4 you fancy, we've a very capable trio so far, It would be an excellent opportunity for someone wanting to learn the ropes to come in on 3rd man and work your way up, Or for someone looking for that Top seat that wants a very reliable team to support them.

    We have ONE seat to fill and this is it, We have had a full to bursting team for the last 6 years at Emley, If you want to drop me a message I'll gladly take the time to tell you why I think that is. . .

    We rehearse in our own excellent facilities in the centre of Emley, and then frequent the White Horse over the road. Mondays and Wednesdays, 8pm start. We have a forward thinking organisation and I can promise you a different outlook from the majority of bands out there, maybe that's why we have a full, happy bandroom.

    We hope to hear from you soon! :)
  14. ploughboy

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    Emley Brass band are sad to announce the departure of two of our team, Sam Creamer (Percussion) and Seb Zealand (Solo Trom) have been with us whilst studying Music courses at Huddersfield Uni. They have now both finished their courses (2:1's well done boys) and have moved home. They have both been excellent additions to the Emley team and we will miss them, and wish them every success job hunting and finding new bands closer to home.

    Emley Band therefore have immediate vacancies on Solo Trombone and Percussion.

    Our percussion section already has two regularly attending members (Mick and Drew) both super guys and good percussionists, so you'll be joining a section to be part of a team, not be the one guy at the back trying to get all the parts in. We have a very good selection of equipment and are always happy to fund new items required. We have an MD who as a percussionist chooses music wherever possible with our percussion section in mind, at least 75% of the pad has three perc parts in it. We would like someone who is happy to play all three sections (Kit, Timps & Tuned), being willing to have a go is important to us. If we were to find someone who has a desire to be a tuned specialist we'd be delighted too, but someone willing to share the parts out has been the way forward for us . . . .

    Our Trombone section has been one of the strongest teams in the band, with settled players on Bass ^ 2nd Trom (both members of the organising team and both with over 5 years time with the band). So if you're interested in Solo Trom us you'll be expected to do some solo work, and to be featured in piece's usually bits from memory too, but you can expect great support from the rest of your team..

    Emley Band have, over the last 5/6 years only had the odd vacant seat. We work hard at improving our team together and keeping players enjoying what we do. We have a very sensible concert/contest diary not over committing ourselves to too much work. We have a solid financial footing and everyone in the team chips in with the running of the band even if it's only a little job, it means someone else isn't doing everything! I work hard from the middle keeping programming fresh and innovative, you will find we play a lot of music that no one else seems to, and there's a fresh feeling to every concert we do.

    We have had two tough years in the 2nd section and are going to be 3rd section from Jan 2012, but no one has left the band, no one is down hearted, we know we are still going in the right direction, and in a year or two when we get back to the 2nd section again we will stand a much stronger chance of making our mark. How many bands can say they've had two years at the bottom of the contesting pile and then got relegated, and still kept a full compliment of happy players!

    This year we've have won the Otley Mayors challenge and we were delighted with our 7th overall at Grotton!

    If you're interested in joining our team then please get in touch, PM or facebook etc, I'll gladly fill you in on all things Emley.

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  15. 2nd man down

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    I believe the percussion spot is now filled, however we are still on the look out for that Solo Trombone player...
  16. ploughboy

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    We are pleased to be able to say we've filled our Front row cornet spot, and 3rd percussion seat and are now only seeking a Solo Trombonist. .

    Our Trombone section has been one of the strongest teams in the band, with settled players on Bass ^ 2nd Trom (both members of the organising team and both with over 5 years time with the band). So if you're interested in Solo Trom us you'll be expected to do some solo work, and to be featured in piece's usually bits from memory too, but you can expect great support from the rest of your team..

    for a little more Info please see post above this (#134) . . .

    We're not taking our relegation lightly in the coming months we have planned a series of masterclasses for each section of the band run by some of Yorkshire banding's great names in order to encourage our team to be individually the best that they can be. . . . Alongside our concert commitments we are also going to working towards the Pogson Bray Trust Contest, Leicester Own Choice Contest, Butlins. . . Looking further forward a return to the Isle of Manx in 2013, and a couple of other exciting idea's in the pipeline too!!

    Get in touch if you're interested, I'm happy to have a chat about some of the finer details of the Emley organisation . . .
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    It's the Isle of Man!!! :ranting2: ;)
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    It's not my fault you guys cant' spell your own islands name !!
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    and George Formby Goes on

    '...but just how it came to be given its name - Really Id Like to KNow? - Its full of spinsters over 40 who are dying to be Naughty and they call it the Isle of Man..'

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    happy to come down for a blow over the next few weeks on trom if it helps



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