Emley Band - tuned percussionist, 21st September

Discussion in 'Deputies Available' started by ploughboy, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. ploughboy

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    Hey folks,

    We are looking for a tuned percussionist to help us at the Whychavon entertainment contest, we have applied to play in both 3rd and 2nd sections. It is on Sunday 21st September, there is a coach from the bandroom in Emley, down M1 towards Birmingham!

    I would like someone that can do one or two rehearsals at least, You would need to be registered 3rd section or lower, and there will be some reasonably tricky stuff on, parts can be supplied in plenty of time.

    you will be the only percussion dep so you're not gonna turn up and find a section that are all clueless, Our guys turn up all the time (and sone say are still all clueless!!) and will know what all the pieces and cuts are etc!

    I can promise you an excellent day out with fun and frolic's, two very excentric programs to play around with and a good session on the beer (if you so deisre) despite whatever results comes out.

    PM me if you're interested, we will of course help with fuel costs and beer costs.

  2. MarkGillatt

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    Would love to help out, but, unfortunately I am 2nd section registered

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