Emley Band - Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser

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    Two members of Emley Brass Band (Myself and Peter Parkin Rhodes (P.P.R on theMouthpiece)) are doing our bit to help with the bands efforts this year to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Fund by being shaved from the waist up (except eyebrows and armpits!) this coming Sunday (26 Oct) for as much sponsorship as we can raise.

    Anybody is welcome to come along and watch (3pm, Emley band room), and obviously you are also invited to part with as much of your hard earned cash as you see fit to help our cause. Some light refreshment will be available while you watch us get balded :redface:.

    Earlier this year the band performed a joint concert with Harrogate Granby High School Concert Band in aid of the trust and helped to swell the coffers by £775.00. It would be lovely to see our efforts push that figure past £1,000.00

    Anyone wanting to see the results of the shave can catch us and the rest of the band on stage (and in the bar afterwards) at Malton Entertainment Contest the Sunday after that (my birthday, 2nd November :biggrin:).

    Anyone wishing to pledge anything can do so by emailing me (cjhowe@lycos.co.uk), pm-ing me, or messaging me on Facebook.

    Thanks for listening...er...reading...you know what I mean.
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  2. leisa

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    But you're both nearly bald anyway, so if you aren't gonna shave your armpits and eyebrows you won't have much to do will you? :p
  3. 2nd man down

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    You obviously haven't seen Hairy Pete with his shirt off...he's like a mohair jumper!! :biggrin:
  4. leisa

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    LOL, no i can't say i have! I still think you're both wimps for not shaving eyebrows/armpits as well!!! ;-)
    Good luck, i might come for a giggle!
  5. sugarandspice

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    I just don't think there's enough pain involved!
    I'd be prepared to double what you raised if you were to wax instead?! ......... go on, you know you want to! ;)
  6. leisa

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    haha now theres a plan! I agree with kelly, there isn't enough pain or hair involved!