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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Mike S, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. Mike S

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    Where do people buy their emroidered shirts and t-shirts and how much are you paying for them please? Do you have your own logo on the shirts and if so how much more did you have to pay for this the first time around? I would be grateful for any kind of feedback. Thank you
  2. PeterBale

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    We've just had some polo shirts with the band logo embroidered on them for our Holland trip (previously we had jumpers with the logo). The shirts are a good quality and worked out at £12 each in the end - I think we got an extra discount with ordering about 40 in one go.

    If you're interested, I can try and get more details from the band secretary at the weekend - they've given us a night off this week!
  3. Mike S

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    Thanks. That would be great. Any kind of news on this subject is welcome - prices, quality, delivery lead times, locality, service, etcetera.
  4. MAW

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    Embroidered shirts, t shirts.


    a band I used to play for used the Cardiff Emdroidery Co. freephone 0800 074 3833. They do T shirts, polos, sweatshirts etc.They were very efficient, good prices and very helpful. They even sent us a sample of each size for us to try out before we ordered. Got a good discount too. Give them a bell and ask for a brochure.

    back row cornet :D
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  6. Bob Thompson

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    band shirts etc

    We have a supplier in the Northeast who I am sure will assist. Fruit of the Loom Polo Shirts range from £6.00 for children as no VAT to £7.50 for adults, fleeces range from £13 for children to £15.00 for adults. Baseball caps are less than a fiver. This includes the embroidery.

    The bands crest , name etc. is embroidered. The initial design set up is approx £50.00, however this belongs to the Band and can be used over and over.
    The garments are excellent quality.

    I don’t have the contact number readily available; however, if you would like it, please e-mail me.
  7. PeterBale

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    Sorry for the delay, but I've just received the info from our band secretary:

    The company is Price & Buckland Ltd. Address Benneworth Close, Hucknall,
    Nottingham, NG15 6EL.

    Telephone for sales is 0115 964 0827 ask for group sales. Fax 0115 964
    0769 Email sales@price-buckland.co.uk

    web site : www.price-buckland.co.uk

    We did get a good discount because of the large order, the shirts normally
    cost £12.50 and sweaters £14.
  8. BIG Paul

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    try xamax.co.uk we had some done recently excellent value and quality no extra charge for embroidery
    Polo shirts worked ot at about £4.00 including vat. our order came as fruit of the loom shirts but a friend ordered and got another make at the same price but quality was just as good.
  9. Mike S

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    Thanks to everyone for the responses which have been very helpful.

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