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    Front And Back Row Cornets, Bass Trom And Flugal

    The Ellenbrook & Boothstown Brass band need more players to help progress in 2007. we are going to a few contests this year including the Legendery WHIT FRIDAY CONTEST!!!!!!!

    if interested visit............................www.ebbb.co.uk

  2. sale

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    Ellenbrook & Boothstown Band - REBUILDING!

    We are a local and friendly band located in ellenbrook just a few miles outside manchester city centre. We are looking for front row cornets and an Eb Bass at the moment who will be dedicated to the band. We are looking to contest again and to go to the regionals next year for the first time in 8 years but also many of the smaller contests to! There are many concerts to come hopfully including a last night at the proms concert and Awards concert. We are now under the new direction of Mr Craig Mann and need your help! At the moment we are on a major recrutment drive and we have already filled a few seats but have quite a few left. If you would like to be part of this new chapter for the band then go to www.ebbb.co.uk for more infomation

    Many thanks

    Matt sale:D
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    re Geoff Sale

    Hi, hope you don't mind me writing but are you related to Geoff Sale (Chairman)??
    If so, can you tell me, did he used to work for BT?
    I am only asking because I used to work for BT and remember getting to know a guy called Geoff Sale who played cornet (I think for Sale Band). I was just wondering if your Geoff Sale is the one I used to know.
    My apologies if I've got it wrong!!!
    I doubt he will remember me..I am Heather and worked for directory enquiries (*for my sins!!). At the time I knew him I played Baritone for Swinton Concert Brass. I now play for United Coop 2000.
    Once again, hope you don't mind me writing.
    All the best to your Band for the future.
    Best Wishes,
  4. sale

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    hi heather
    yes youve got the rite geoff sale and he did used to work for BT, hes my dad but hes working for 02 now and playing sop (god help us all!) just jokin! ill tell him that u sed hello


    Matt sale
  5. sale

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    This band has a BRIGHT FUTURE - We are currently looking for Front row cornets! We are under new direction of Mr Craig Mann and have started contesting again so dont miss out out JOIN TODAY!!!

    Contact me here at www.ebbb.co.uk

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    hi there, my name is chris hardy, im a friend of craig mann, and he said that i could play principle EEb tuba for the band, please reply with information on rehearsal times. i have helped out on numerous occassions playing BBb tuba. thanks
  7. sale

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    Friendly 4th section band around the Manchester area, good concerts, good social side, very welcoming band require:

    Solo Cornet
    Back row Cornets
    Bass Trombone

    All are made welcome, for more infomation browse our website, www.ebbb.co.uk
    or call Matthew Sale (MD) on 07762514410