Elland Slow Melody Results

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    These are the results we wrote in our program, perhaps someone else could fill in the gaps?! :)

    11yrs + Under
    1. Jan Nowicki, Dobcross Youth
    2. Daniel Walton, Shirland W.T
    3. Charlotte Heaven, Dobcross Youth
    Youngest Player: Ashley Whiting
    Adjudicators Award: Ashley Whiting

    14yrs + Under
    1. Kate Eggleshaw, Carlton Main Frickley
    2. Christopher Mansfield, Shaw Youth
    3. James Macleod, Houghton Area Youth

    16yrs + Under
    1. Kate Eggleshaw, Carlton Main Frickley
    2. Ben Hirons, Boarshurst
    3. Christopher Mansfield, Shaw Youth

    Open Age
    1. Kate Eggleshaw, Carlton Main Frickley
    2. Kim Holly Thorpe, Besses
    3. Christopher Mansfield, Shaw Youth


    Junior Quartets

    Open Age Quartets
    1. BT
    2. Chappletown
    3. Elland Silver Basses
  2. drummergurl

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    looks like you did well kate! nice one!
  3. Naomi McFadyen

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    Yea niceone Kate, Well done :D
  4. Aidan

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    T-Horn massiv :D
  5. Lauradoll

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    Yeah well done Kate, to do all that and still manage to play at Dobcross at night. You were a superstar!!! (I was the hungover baritone in the BT quartet)
  6. Vickitorious

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    Wahey! :D :D Go Kate!! wooooo

    Nice one! :D :D
  7. drummergurl

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    11 & Under
    Jan Nowicki, Dobcorss Youth Band, 1st (85 points)
    Daniel Walton, Shirland W T Band, 2nd (82 points)
    Charlotte Heaven, Dobcross Youth Band, 3rd (80 points)

    Ashley Whiting, Elland, Beginners Youngest Player

    14 & Under
    Kate Eggleshaw, Carlton Main, 1st (87 points)
    Christopher Mansfield, Shaw Youth, 2nd (84 points)
    James McLeod, Houghton Area Youth, 3rd (83 points)

    James McLeod, Houghton Area Youth, Best Euphonium/Baritone

    16 & Under
    Kate Eggleshaw, Carlton Main, 1st (87 points)
    Ben Hirons, Boarshurst, 2nd (86 points)
    Christoher Mansfield, Shaw Youth, 3rd (85 points)

    Kate Eggleshaw, Carlton Main, Best Tenor Horn

    Kate Eggleshaw, Carlton Main, 1st (90 points)
    Kim Holly Thorpe, Besses, 2nd (89 points)
    Andrew Hodge, Elland Silver, 3rd (87 points)

    John Sails, Unattached, Best Bb Cornet

    John Sails, 1st (88 points)
    Andrew Hodge, Elland Silver, 2nd (85 points)
    Hilary Mateer, Chappletown, 3rd (84 points)

    Junior Quartets
    Dobcross Youth - B, 1st
    Dobcross Youth - A, 2nd
    Lofthouse Brass, 3rd

    Open Quartets
    BT, 1st
    Chappletown, 2nd
    Elland Silver Basses, 3rd

    Special Awards
    Steffani Butler, Ryhl Silver, Best Soprano
    Jim Tew, Blackburn & Darwen, Best Bass
    Andrew Hodge, Elland Silver, Highest Mark Elland Band

    courtesy of 4barsrest

    hope that fills in ya gaps!
  8. blue_smarties

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    Lol, thankyou :)
    Was knackered by the end of the day, was well worth it tho! :) Well done for the quartet, i heard you and it sounded great! :)
  9. lynchie

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    What did you play?

    (other than horn... :roll: )
  10. Bones

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    So that explains why you drank nothing more than orange squash that night.

    Thought you were being a bit health conscious :wink:
  11. Well Worth It

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    Would just like to point out that I had nothing to do with Kate being knackered! :wink:
  12. samandy

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    Well done to all those who enterred

    Hi there

    Thank you for posting the results! You beat me to it. Well done to all those who enterred, especially Kate. It was an excellent day, and we are still recovering it. The standard was really high, right through the day. I thought we were going to be there until midnight!

    Congrats again, see you all next year.
  13. Lauradoll

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    I am a very health concious person Mr Walker!! :wink:

    Those caperinias are good for your body....unlike calorie laden beer....do you remember saying that?? :wink:
  14. PeterBale

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    In all our congratulations, let's not foget Hilary, in the prizes again and flying the flag for us "veterans" :shock: :twisted: :lol:
  15. blue_smarties

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    I played Star of Bethlehem in two of the sections, and Elegy from Martin Ellerby's horn concerto (which isnt what it says on 4barsrest, but oh well! :) )

    Lol! :D
  16. Di

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    Must be the "e" numbers in those blue smarties!

    :lol: Well done Kate.
  17. Hilary Mateer

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    Thanks Peter :D
    Didn't play so well this year - but there's always next year.
    Looking forward to meeting you on Whit Friday

    Kate I heard you play in the under 16's and the open and I am not suprised you won.

    I heard all the under 16's and sucessfully picked out the first 3 places.
    Maybe I should be an adjudicator - but seriously the quality was outstanding.