Elland Slow Melody & Quartet Contest

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  1. samandy

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    Elland Silver Band are holding their 20th Slow Melody & Quartet Contest on Sunday 10th May 2009, adjudicated by Mr David Thornoton.

    The contests starts at 10.00am and features 5 slow melody sections:

    11 years and under
    14 years and under
    16 years and under
    Open Age
    Veterans over 40

    Plus this year the contest will include a "Champion of Champions" play off, featuring previous years champions.

    Two quartet sections will also be held

    Junior quartets aged 16 and under
    Open Quartets any age

    Entry forms can be downloaded from www.ellandsilverband.co.uk
  2. Pete Watson

    Pete Watson Member

    Help finding music!

    Hi all,
    I would like to enter my 10 yr old daughter, which would be her 1st contest.:D
    Previous post on the subject of 'piece choice' found The Holy City coming out as a fave amongst members. I haven't got a copy and wondered where I could buy one.
    I have looked on the Boosey site with out any luck!
    Any other suggestions on piece would be appreciated, 10yr old with 18mnths experience!
    With the emphasis being on her gaining confidence and enjoying the experience!

  3. Columbo

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    Any youth Quartets requiring a conductor , I'd be happy to come along and conduct you. PM me if interested.
  4. samandy

    samandy Member

    The Holy City


    In asnwer to your post. The Holy City is published by Boosey & Hawkes. You can download a copy of the cornet solo and piano copy for a very reasonable price via their music download page at http://www.boosey.com/pages/sheetdownload/ I downloaded a new copy myself last week.

    Please feel free to pm me your email address and I will send you an entry form.

  5. Pete Watson

    Pete Watson Member

    Think i might even enter myself!
    Is there a prize for the best looking father and daughter combination?
    Mind u it is 23 yrs since mi last one!
    He he!

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