Elland Slow Melody & Quartet Contest, 8th May

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    Elland Silver Band are hosting their Annual Slow Melody & Quartet Contest on Sunday 8th May from 10.30am onwards.

    Slow Melody sections include;

    11 Years and Under
    14 Years and Under
    16 Years and Under
    Open Age

    New for 2011 - Junior duets (16 Years and Under)

    Junior Quartets (16 Years and Under)

    Open Quartets (Any Age)

    The closing date for entries is Saturday 30th April. Pre draw takes place Sunday 1st May.

    Please contact Kathleen Harrison on 01484 717126 or email ellandband@hotmail.co.uk. Entry forms can also be downloaded from the bands website www.ellandsilverband.co.uk
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    any news regarding prizes ?
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    Annual trophies and keep sakes are awarded to the first three placings in each section (dependent upon the number of entries). Special awards are also given to the best cornet, horn, euphonium, trombone and bass, plus youngest player and adjudicators award.