Elland Slow Melody Contest 13th May

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    17th Elland Silver Band Annual Slow Melody & Quartet Contest

    Sunday 13th May, 2007 from 10.00am

    Adjudicators: Mr Bob Walker and Mr Stuart Fawcett

    Sections include:

    • 11 years and Under
    • 14 years and Under
    • 16 years and Under
    • Open (Any age)
    • Veterans (over 40)
    • Junior Quartets (16 years and Under)
    • Open Quaretes (Any Age)

    Entry forms available from Kathleen Harrison on 01484 717126 or email kharrison@ellandband.freeserve.co.uk. Further details available at www.ellandsilverband.contactbox.co.uk
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