Elland Band Slow Melody Contest - Report & Results

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    Elland Silver Band held its 24th annual Slow Melody, Duet & Quartet Competition on Sunday 5th May. The contest attracted over 60 entrants aged from 8 to 70 years, with some players travelling from the North East and the Midlands.

    This year’s adjudicator was Mark Wilkinson, Principal Cornet Player of the current British Open and National Champions, The Fodens Brass Band. Mark was delighted to be invited to judge the event and recalled taking part in such solo competitions as a young player. He was very impressed with the maturity of the playing from the junior sections and praised the young performers on their phrasing, tonality and musicality. He also encouraged the younger players to keep entering such events to help develop and improve their solo playing. Excellent advice was given to players in the senior sections to help improve their standard of performance and ensemble playing in the quartets.

    “It’s always a pleasure to see so many players coming along and taking part. Over the past 24 years we’ve seen many young players come along, who are now performing with some of the country’s top Brass Bands. Its contests such as ours that help to give young players the opportunity to play solos from an early age”, explained Secretary, Kathleen Harrison.

    Elland Silver Band would like to thank adjudicator Mark Wilkinson and all the players who took part this year and to all our members who have helped with the stewarding and catering for today’s event. We look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s 25th Anniversary contest.

    We would love to see more solo contests in the region and around the country to help and encourage our young players to progress and to continue the tradition of slow melody playing. If any bands would like any advice on how to start up a slow melody contest, please get in touch by email ellandband@hotmail.co.uk

    The results were as follows:-

    11 & Unders
    • 1st Place – Ellie Warren, Rochdale Youth Band
    • 2nd Place – Harry Newton, Delph Youth Band
    • 3rd Place – Daniel Clough, Elland Youth Band

    Youngest Player – Rosie Barber, Elland Starters aged 8
    Adjudicators Award – Freya Mallinson, Wilsden Band

    14 & Unders
    • 1st Place – Hannah Stell, Skelmanthorpe B Band
    • 2nd Place – Joshua Barber, Elland Youth Band
    • 3rd Place – Bethan Brown, Foresters Brass 2000

    Best Trombone – Hannah Stell, Skelmanthorpe B Band
    Best Tenor Horn – Ellie Watson, Elland Youth Band

    Junior Duets
    • 1st Place – Josh Barber & Samuel Clough, Elland Youth Band
    • 2nd Place – Georgia & Michell Stones, Jayess Newbiggin
    • 3rd Place – Bethan Plant & Hannah French, Elland Youth Band

    16 & Unders
    • 1st Place – Gemma Riley, Wigan Youth Band
    • 2nd Place – Hannah Stell, Skelmanthorpe B Band
    • 3rd Place – Tommy Tynan, Marsden Band

    Junior Quartets
    • 1st Place – Elland Youth Band

    Open Section
    • 1st Place – Ian Gill, Lindley Band
    • 2nd Place – Gemma Riley, Wigan Youth Band
    • 3rd Place – Joshua Barber, Elland Youth Band

    Veterans (over 40)
    • 1st Place - Ian Gill, Lindley Band
    • 2nd Place - David Armitage, Elland Silver Band
    • 3rd Place - John Dale, Elland Training Band

    Best Cornet – Bethan Plant, Elland Silver Band
    Best Euphonium – Ian Gill, Lindley Band
    Best Flugel – Daniel Clough, Elland Youth Band
    Best Bass – Tommy Tynan, Marsden Band
    Highest Mark Elland Silver Band – Joshua Barber & David Armitage

    Senior Duets
    • 1st Place – Gemma & Jill Riley – Wigan Youth Band

    Senior Quartets
    • 1st Place – Diggle Basses
    • 2nd Place – The Just Brass Ensemble