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    ?taht si looc woH :)

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    !gnitseretni....mre staht
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    ooooh its all making my head hurt!

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    ...dias evah ot tnaem uoy eveileb I

    "!truh daeh ym gnikam lla sti hoooo
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    ?taht did yeht woh rednow i

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    esruoc fo
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    rats live on no evil star
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    !revelc eb dna yrt ot sah taht nosrep eno syawla s'ereht
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    This has been in New Scientist recently. It started out as a bit of a joke but apparently people in China have been using it since Google is banned but elgooG doesn't get picked up by the government filters. Googles have since been in negotiations with the Chinese government to run a version of Google in China.
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    !eca stahT
    .drah oot si sihT
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    Google acquiesed to the Chinese government's demands last year. It is no longer banned, but the results are censored (by Google!) in accordance with the wishes of the Chinese bureaucrats. Bad precedent, in my opinion.

    .siht daer ot ysae ylgnisiprus s'tI .eruteaf, na gnitseretni llitS
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    Hence Goolag:

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    there's always one smart ass
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    A man. A plan. A canal - Panama ;)
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    Ok, one smart ass and one wannabe :p mwahahaha
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    haha - my aim in life is to be a mini-steve! :)
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    Possibly, but Google are a commercial company and they could just be pragmatic about it. Now they have a toe-hold in China which may lead onto better things. Users in China will also be told when a page has been blocked by the government censor, something which Yahoo currently doesn't do. Google is not offering email and blog services, since these could be used to persecute users. This has already happened with Yahoo.
    At least they haven't done what they were asked to by the US government, which was to give access to users' data by the government. I find that idea much more scary.