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    Hey all

    Got a uni assignment essay to finish about Elgar Howarth and his contribution towards the Brass Band movement in terms of his compositions, as a conductor and his commissions of new music. I have found some information already but was wondering if anyone could suggest good books/ websites/interviews to help me gather more information.

    Please private message me any suggestions:)

    Rach :)
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    It's great that Howarth's influence on the brass band movement is recognised - and studied today - i was present at the harrogate festival in 1973 when harrison birtwistle's Grimethorpe Aria (commisioned by Howarth) was premiered, conducted by the composer. It was extremely well received, as was Gregson's Plantagenets which was given a tremendous performance, similar to that when Grimethorpe won the Yorkshire area a few months earlier, conducted brilliantly by Howarth in the flowing red shirt!
    I believe it was around this time that Harry Mortimer remarked that Howarth was ".. the best brass band conductor since me!"
    The list of top notch conductors inspired/influenced or helped by Howarth is endless - Ray Farr, Nick Childs, Garry Cutt and Mike Antrobus for starters...

    john r
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    I suggest you read books by Roy Newsome or Trevor Herbert on brass bands, both have a bit about Elgar Howarth. However, there is a book that was written by both Elgar and Patrick Howarth called "What a Performance: The Brass Band Plays". There is a lot in that book about his liking of commissioning of new music, for example by Harrison Birtwistle, Hans Werner Henze and others, as well as about his own compositions, for example the views he had on the situation at the Open contest when Fireworks was the test piece. That book would the most ideal for you. For an objective view of the work of Elgar Howarth then the books at the beginning would be the best (as well as the Geoffrey Brand book, Brass Bands in the 20th Century).

    Hope that helps
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    Hey :) Thanks alot you guys. Anyone else with any suggestions i would still be happy to hear from you :)

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    The best way to get info on Elgar Howarth is to write and ask him. I have written to him in the past and had very good replies.
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    :eek: :eek:

    Nooooo.....just come to copy everyones replies down from the last week or so down and they have all gone :frown: :-? ...don't suppose everyone could put them down once more for me could they....sorry ....:(
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    :cool: :tup .... when you read it generally, how much has changed since 1977?

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    I find that allmusic.com's short biography of Elgar Howarth is a concise and handy introduction to the brass band side of his background ...

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    Alan Morrison gives an interesting insight to the man ...

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    Rach, I would also advise you to check out the sleevenotes from the Eikanger recordings of his works and also Britannia's (Fodens) CD called 'Pictures At An Exhibition'. They constructively trace his development of composition. Maybe you have considered this already, but what about the influence he has had on others such as Howard Snell and Ray Farr? Members of the NYBBGB or Grimethorpe could help you form a picture of how he shapes performance and why. Just another couple of angles for you! ;)

    post-edit:- here's a query for you ... which fragment or motif does he use in most of his own works and why?
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    Quick question regarding the topic... anyone know when Elgar Howarth started his association with the NYBBGB? Ta
  13. HBB

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    Yup... must have been 2001, as Bramwell started his tenure in 2006, and Mr. Howarth only had a 5 year reign.
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    that was only when he became MD, he's part of the counsel (sp?) of NYBBGB in a different role, i can't remember what exactly, but its on their website somewhere.

    elgar is a legend. he's hilarious!
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    Craigsav83Quick question regarding the topic... anyone know when Elgar Howarth started his association with the NYBBGB? Ta
    HBBYup... must have been 2001, as Bramwell started his tenure in 2006, and Mr. Howarth only had a 5 year reign.

    Drummergurl is right... that's when he was MD. He defo conducted the summer 1997 course...

    ... dunno when his association with NYBBGB first started, but it was before 2001! ;)
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    Eeeek! Thats got me right confused now :-? Anyone? I need just a wee bit more to finish my essay.

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