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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by BariOllie, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. BariOllie

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    Cheers Steve, the band is certainly doing well. Hoping for a good result at the area this year. I'm trying to beat my 4th place hoodoo. Been 4th of the last 2 years at the area 2004 with Snibston and Desford and 2005 with Foresters... good results but I want to go a couple of places better and go to the finals, never been yet...
  2. BariOllie

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    Well being as I can't remember much myself then it doesn't really matter does it!!

    I'm sure you will remember talking to my uncle Paul Oliver being as he is an ex wigstonian.

    Oh dear it really is a couple of weeks its it... :frown:
  3. BariOllie

    BariOllie New Member

    I'm not sure exactly but i think we have a decent chance if we get a very good result and the other results go our way. Unfortunately we are carrying a 12 along with our 4 from last years placing.

    All the best mate I think you have a better chance of promotion this year than us along with wigston and sherland training. Good luck to all!! :clap:
  4. BariOllie

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    Always a good experience to play at pontins and other higher profile contests.

    Have to admit I do enjoy the contesting in banding more than anything...

    That and the social P*ss ups... :guiness ;)

    Will keep a look out for all the tmp's on here at the area to say hello... I look a bit like this chap with my green foresters jacket on so you won't miss me!! :bounce ;)
  5. BariOllie

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    And long may it continue! I'm sure there must be other Leicestershire folk on here who havn't made themselves known yet as well... :confused: :tongue:

    Leicestershire la la la

    Leicestershire la la la

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    It's always an interesting conversation with Paul. I still remeber him riding his push-bike back up the hill into Countesthorpe from our old bandroom with his BBb bass tucked under one arm. :)

    Incidentally he teaches my Neice now, and it was very interesting to hear her thoughts as a pupil before she realised I knew him.