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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by BariOllie, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. BariOllie

    BariOllie New Member

    Hello all, Stuart here!

    Long time reader for the forums, thought it was about time I made myself known.

    Been with Foresters Brass 2000 for about 2 years now, a very friendly and talented band with hopefully has a bright future ahead of it.

    Before that I has a very successful 3 year spell with Snibston & Desford with 2 Mineworkers 2nd Section Champions titles the main achievements for the band.

    I was introduced to Brass Banding by my dad Neal Oliver with Ratby Juniors and was one of the founding members of the Ratby Mid Band. I had 10 year association with the Ratby organisation where I made some great friends.

    So very much Leicester Born and Bred!!

    Big shout out to the other Leicester Band members who post on here and also a request to anyone on here who I might have played with during my time with Ratby and Snibston to come forward and make themselves known so we can get reacquainted again!!

    Cheers and good luck to all at the area, particularly those competing in the second section. Think were all going to need it this year!! :oops: ;)
  2. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    :hi welcome BariOllie... have to agree with you about Lee Evans. Went to see him in Cardiff a few weeks ago, what a scream he was too. Fabulous lilve I must say.
  3. BariOllie

    BariOllie New Member

    Cheers Musicman,

    Went to see him at the Nottingham Arena in November, never laughed so much in my life!!

    Especially liked the having a bath with your wife part, brilliantly observed comedy :biggrin:

    Top act and top bloke! :clap:
  4. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    Hey Stuart!

    Good to see another Leicestershire bander on here. Too true about the Area piece - gonna get messy come March I fear. Hope its going well and best of luck. Maybe see you on the day.
  5. BariOllie

    BariOllie New Member

    Cheers Ian,

    I briefly remember having a chat about the result at butlins with you after I rudely interupted your conversation with Emma, have to say I don't remember much of it as I was 'under the influence' at the time. :oops:

    Tbh I don't remember much of that night, although I've seen pictures of me wearing a silver wig with matching pom poms and a pink cowboy hat watching Freddy and the dreamers (minus freddy) with their leather trousers... oh dear...

    Another typical banding outing then :p

    Off now to have another (attempted) blast through IOTM. :-? :confused: ;)
  6. CubbRep

    CubbRep Member

    Welcome BariOllie.CubbRep here.Its nice to see another Leicester person joining.I don't normally play in Leicestershire,but have played Rep for Leicester Co-Op at Pontins,Leicester,Leamington and last but not least at Butlins.I normally play for Cubbington Silver near Leamington.But,I do live in Hinckley.Good luck at the area.
    Also,as you say;Lee Evans,Top bloke.
    See you around.....Richard.:tup
  7. BariOllie

    BariOllie New Member

    Cheers Richard, are you doing the area for Leics Co-Op as well?

    Good luck to you as well if so... :p

    I live in Croft so I'm not to far away from you...
  8. Baritonedeaf

    Baritonedeaf Member

    Welcome Stuart...

    I am a Baritone player called Oli... from Nottm originally now in the West Mids.

    Can never get enough East Midlanders on here, at least you are not from Derby ;)
  9. BariOllie

    BariOllie New Member

    You'd be BAAAAArking up the wrong tree if you thought I was from Derby!!

    Cheers Oli... I persume your a forest fan... I think I can forgive that as you took the time to post. ;)

    Thanks again :tup
  10. Baritonedeaf

    Baritonedeaf Member

    Aye thats right. The less said the better :)
  11. BariOllie

    BariOllie New Member

    You poor sod... :clap: ;)
  12. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    Hi Ollie, great to see some of the Foresters registered on here.

    I was there a few years ago during the end of the Foresters era and the merging of Foresters and Brass 2000 and glad to see the band still doing well.

    Hope you have a great time on tMp, the more the merrier (and obviously being Leicester based your going straight to the top of the tree ;) )
  13. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    Did we? At Butlins? Really? Oh dear seems I was worse than even I thought. Sorry if I was horrible, I can imagine how that conversation went :-? . I was in such a bad mood that night in the end I opted for self-imposed exile in Bar Rosso :oops: .

    Anyway - good to catch up with you again, even if I don't remember it (and I'm pretty sure Emma was happy for you to rescue her...). Hope to see you in a couple of weeks at the Area.
  14. I hear Ya!! I was there at several points through out the day if you hadn't noticed.
  15. rutty

    rutty Active Member

    Nice to see another East Midlander on here. :)

    Forresters have a really good chance of promotion this year, I think, so good luck with the placings though I do hope you're just that one place behind us again ;)

    I'm enjoying Images but the general concensus is right - it's going to be a bit of a trial on the ears come March 12th
  16. CubbRep

    CubbRep Member

    In reply to your question;Unfortunately,I will not be able to play for Leics Co-Op as my band is in the 4th section.Even though they have asked me to join.I have said to them that I will help out as much as I can,but my band comes first.They are a very friendly bunch and made me welcome when I turned up to have a blow with them.That was when I got roped in to play at Pontins last year.What an experience.It was my 1st time and enjoyed it tremendously.Especially the bar.
    Hope to see you at the area's and have a chat.Where do Forresters rehearse?
  17. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    Since the Foresters Society sold their offices I believe they are in St James the greater church on Leicester Road. May have moved since then though
  18. CubbRep

    CubbRep Member

    Cheers Steve.By the way,Great job at Butlins for GUS.Heard the concert programme but not test piece.
  19. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    Cheers Cubb, the St Magnus was better but boring as the programme may have been we thought we played well.

    This thread is turning into a bit of a Leicestershire love in, haha
  20. BariOllie

    BariOllie New Member

    We now practise at Stonegate Baptist Church on London Road, don't know for sure but I think Foresters have been there since the offices were sold.

    Map of the location of the church from our website

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