Edwards B454 Bass Trombone

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    Hi guys,

    This is just a potential sale, and I reserve the right to withdraw this at any time.

    My Edwards B454 Bass Trombone.

    I've used this for a few years now, and it's done me incredibly proud. It's easily the best playing bass trombone i've used, really balanced and great tone throughout. Very versatile.. It's been used with some of the top bands inc. Fodens and Grimey, and many other ensembles..

    BDB lightweight brass dual bore slide
    1309CF lightweight 9.5" rose bell
    yellow and rose single radius tuning slides
    Selection of leadpipes in both sterling silver and brass

    I also have a D tuning slide for the second valve, which could be included.

    No case included, as I have a Marcus Bonna which I need to keep.

    Valves are fantastic! Slide has a perfect action. No dents, apart from two tiny dinks in the end of the slide. They've been there as long as i've owned it, and don't affect anything at all. On the patch where the slide is held, there needs to be a small repair due to wearing through the handgrip, and leaving a tiny hole of around 1mm.. very insignificant, and it doesn't affect the horn at all. I could get this repair done, though it is absolutely fine and cosmetic really.

    It has been tried by Adrian Morris of the Halle, who gives his approval :)

    Anyone interested is more than welcome to try it. I'm at the RNCM in Manchester, and can arrange facility for a test play.

    £2500 o.n.o.

    Any questions, please ask. I'm at denney.m@sky.com

    Many thanks and best wishes,

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    Offers welcomed. The bullet brace (hand rest) and BERP aren't included.
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    I can't find the edit thread button, however.... For the trombone alone, with two tuning slides and three brass leadpipes, I will accept £2200 ono. Without the Sterling pipes or D slide.
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    Marcus Bonna case can be included at a price.
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    Hi Pal - I've already got one of these beauties - but was wondering if you had a sterling lead pipe for sale possibly?
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    Hey mate, i'm selling both No.2 and No.3 Sterling leadpipes. You're more than welcome to either, or both. No.3 has had around 5 hours on it. Both in plastic protective tubes. Email/PM me :)