Edinburgh University Brass Band release.

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    The newly formed Edinburgh University Brass Band are delighted to announce the acquisition of the services of two young talented musicians to help build and promote the band.

    Firstly, the band are delighted to announce that the talented conductor and trombonist Mark Bell has been appointed the bands Musical Director.

    Mark Bell began playing trombone at age 10 through the school system in West Lothian, quickly moving into the brass band world with the now defunct Kepston Q-Fab Whitburn Brass and West Lothian Schools Brass Band. Success came with both bands in his time there, Whitburn became Scottish Champions in the 4th and 3rd sections while West Lothian, achieved British, and European Championship fame. In 1998 Mark decided to leave home to study in Manchester at Salford Universities Brass Band Musicianship course. It is here that Mark discovered his enthusiasm for conducting, learning under the tutelage of Roy Newsome as he worked with the University Wind Band in his final year.
    After graduation Mark returned home and quickly agreed to take up a post with Newland Concert Brass, a position which has seen Mark and the band achieve promotion and a trip to the National Finals in 2004. This year has seen Mark also take up the role of Resident Conductor with the Broxburn & Livingston Brass Band, where he previously held the 1st trombone chair.

    The band are equally delighted to announce that talented young composer Naomi Cornish has agreed to compose the band a signature march for the band which will be performed at the bands debut concert in December. The band are very much looking forward to performing the new work.

    Naomi Cornish's interest in music began at the age of 6, when she began learning piano, and over the years her interest in music grew, and this led to her learning many other instruments. Naomi started brass banding in 2000, and has played in many bands up and down the sections. Naomi is a former principle percussionist with Layland, and has also played with Windgates in the National Finals. Naomi has just completed her degree in music at Salford University, specialising in conducting and composition. Naomi is in the process of completing several compositions, and has recently been appointed Musical Director of Coppull and Standish Band based near Wigan.

    The band commences rehearsals on Friday 23rd of September, with the debut concert on Saturday 3rd December. The band always welcomes new players to come along, you dont need to be a student at Edinburgh University to be a band member!

  2. Fieldy

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    Congratulations! Hope the Band does really well......

    I'm a sad lonely Soprano player working away from home, spending most of my time in Edinburgh rather than with my Band back in Bristol so if I can help at any time - playing or otherwise let me know.



    0777 978 9416
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    No problems Paul, if you are in the area, feel free to pop in anytime - you will be made most welcome! :)

    Just a reminder, first rehearsal is tomorrow, starting at 7pm in the Reid Concert Hall which is building no 19 on this map http://www.ed.ac.uk/maps/central-area/ The more the merrier! :biggrin:
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    Hope I can find the place, Edinburgh driving isn't my strong point.
  5. Naomi McFadyen

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    :lol: that's filled me up with so much confidence :lol: hope i find it as well!!!
  6. Borfeo

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    Wouldn't worry, I'm just rubbish with directions! Coming from the sticks like I do
  7. Naomi McFadyen

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    well, I'm a southerner sooooooooooooooooo

  8. Naomi McFadyen

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    oh, and Craig, please mind your spelling mistakes....

    PrinciPAL not principle.... and it's Wingates, not WinDgates ;-)
  9. Craigsav83

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    Ahem :oops: We all make mistakes... :oops: ;)

    It is a ****** to get to first time, because there are a few one way streets but after that... plain sailing :biggrin:
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    Do you have any vacancies on euph?
  11. Craigsav83

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    At the moment the band are gearing up for a concert, so the more the merrier, on all instruments :) especially basses ;) cause I want to avoid playing one at the concert :eek:
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    So Craig, what's the line-up of your Uni. band at the moment? What music are you rehearsing etc. etc. (... it's good to get an update now and again).