Edinburgh Uni Brass Band Spring Concert, 21st March

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  1. TuTuKu

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    Edinburgh University Brass Band's Spring Concert will happen this year, on Saturday 21st March, at 7.30pm (doors at 7) in the Reid Concert Hall, Bristo Sq, Edinburgh.

    It'll be a fantastic programme, possibly one of our most challenging yet, to include An American in Paris, the Theme from Batman, Gaelforce and Lionel Ritchie's All Night Long.

    There'll be a rather spectacular raffle and also free home made cakes on the interval. We may be students, but we sure can bake!

    Tickets are £5/3 concessions and can be bought on the door.

    For more info, email c.l.sweetman(at)sms.ed.ac.uk

    And if any euph players are reading this, see here :)
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  2. DMBabe

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    Good luck with your concert, but just a suggestion...... maybe not the best idea to have your concert on the biggest weekend of the brassbanding calendar, being that the Scottish Championships are on in Dundee the same weekend? Will likely make it harder for you to find deps when the majority of brass banders will be either there or rehearsing to play on the sunday. That and it'll hugely deplete your potential audience (I would've probably gone were it not for the fact that we'll either still be in Dundee or at best be on the road back). Hope it goes well though!!:D
  3. tom_leather

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    Aye, we know! But unfortunately dates were fixed last May, and we're limited in potential concert dates by lots of factors - obviously university semester dates, as well as so many different student groups trying to use the same venues for concerts in the same period...So it's just an unfortunate clash!

    But it'll be a cracking evening anyway, so anyone NOT in Dundee or rehearsing, please come along! :tup :)
  4. Anno Draconis

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    I can vouch for this, having stuffed my face until my eyeballs bulged out at their Xmas concert a couple of years ago :oops:. If you can get along, do, and - if you're not driving - bribe a student to sign you into the bar; you'll have a top night!
  5. TuTuKu

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    As Tom said, we're unfortunately well aware of the clash - but due to the nature of our band the majority of our players will disperse to opposite ends of the country shortly after and essays/dissertations, other music society concerts happen the week before so it really is the optimum time for us and most of our players.

    Cheers for the nod about the cakes Andy - I hope Tom doesn't mind me posting this here, he's come up with a rather good limerick...

    Our brass band is having a concert
    I've heard that the players are quite hot
    They'll be baking some cakes
    So stay wide awake
    Or the band will have gobbled the lot.

    To find out more about the band and keep up to date with future concerts (next one likely to be early December) see http://eubb.eusa.ed.ac.uk

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