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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by centralband, Aug 15, 2010.

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    Wind/Concert band in Edinburgh looking for cornets and a conductor (in fact, any brass very welcome-this is a big and thriving band)

    Last advert had 179 looks and no responses.....sob......we play on Mondays in Central Edinburgh 5 minutes from Princes Street.

    If you are in a brass band, and maybe getting fed up of:

    getting poached
    the committee politics
    being dumped on BBb bass when someone better shows up for a while
    the endless backstabbing
    playing the same "music" for several months just to play it to 20 other bands


    Try something different where there is none of the above.

    But there is:

    Great music which is changed regularly.
    Interesting gigs to look forward to.
    No competitions.
    No pressure.
    Well respected.
    Nice atmosphere.
    Very experienced players.

    Then see:


    Our email address is centralbandrbls@hotmail.com
    Band mobile is 07949 589 796

    We do concerts, go away for residential musical/social weekends with other bands and go abroad regularly to do jobs.

    If you fancy something different, get in touch...

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